For God and Country!


I have seen a batch of National Service trainees walking around town lately and noticed a remarkable resemblance in the particular hue of their uniform…

ns me

…with one of my work shirts.

Anyway, I’ve been searching for this particular song ever since I heard it earlier this year. I’m not a big fan of Chinese music at all (since I hardly understand the lyrics) but this one is good. I call it the Flaming Lamborghini song. The actual title is Cong Taipei dao Beijing (From Taipei to Beijing) and it’s a liberating break up song of some sort.

I don’t really understand the lyrics but it goes something like:

From Taipei to Beijing / I feel liberated by love lost

I heartily party with one Flaming Lamborghini / A couple drinks of Bloody Mary

Gives me an outlet for my rage.

When you said you wanted out / I felt very relaxed, my mind absolutely calm

I want you to regret this decision / I really don’t need you

I could be completely mutilating the song due to my limited understanding of Chinese so if someone better than me could actually translate it, it would be much appreciated. I think part of the appeal is that I don’t understand most of the lyrics so I can related to it any way I want to. Heh! It’s going to be my ringtone now. 😉


2002Grampians trip report in Melbourne, Australia. I was camwhoring before the name was even invented. 😉
2003Bangsar Telawi Mamak and first day at work in XM Malaysia. I was in KL working at the time.
2004Jojo Cafe in Kuching – it’s a popular Chinese eating establishment. I used to bring one of the boys in blue there to eat, despite the non-halal status. It’s the one I like better.
2005 – Doing a Fast Food Inc. post on a Pizza Hut promotional pizza.
2006 – Triple play – there’s a post on BDC beef noodles, another one of Cherie and the last one is a syringe pen that I got in Thailand.

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40 thoughts on “For God and Country!”

  1. Very similar hor… hahaha..
    Yup, Her name start with S. I think she is in the same class with my sis before and she is quite a nice person. But I dun know about now cos I dun see her more than ten years ago. LOL

  2. Choonie: Yeah, we’re talking about the same person here. 😉
    Surname starts with a C right?
    Your sister is 5 years older than me then, coz that ex-girlfriend of mine was 29 when I was 24. 🙂
    goolooloo: Eh, don’t say like that. People feelings can get hurt one. 😉
    Yalor, looks about the same so I stopped my car coz I was wearing the blue shirt and took a photo.
    suituapui: Our company doesn’t have uniforms la. I don’t know where NS sources their attire from but mine is from G2000. Most of my work shirts are coz I like the blend of cotton and polyester. It’s JUST right. 🙂
    vincent: We don’t have uniforms at work. I just have to wear long sleeves coz of the visible tattoos thing.

  3. I am waiting for you to call. I’m sorry, my approach was a little bit rude coz you seemed like you were in a hurry. I didn’t want to hold you up. Call me. 🙂

  4. *从台北到北京,我就爱新鲜加刺激,失恋的舒缓途径, 尽情Party, 快Flaming Lamborghini化身为Bloody Mary, 一触即发的活力**, 我准备翻天覆地
    *From Taipei to Beijing, I just love fresh things and excitement, way to relax from heartbreak, keep Partying, fast Flaming Lamborghini turns into Bloody Mary, the exploding energy**, I am ready to turn the world upside down.
    Repeat from * to **
    我在你身边, 你总是随便无所谓, 关系你的一切, 都已降到冰点
    I was by your side, you always took it for granted, anything related to you, have dropped down to freezing point.
    手分了我很Relax, 我脑袋也很空闲, 花心大少爷, 我要你捶心肝后悔.
    After breakup I feel very relax. My brain is very free too. Flower heart big boy (note: meaning playboy), I want you to hammer your own heart to regret (note: meaning I want you to be very regret).
    Repeat from * to **
    我根本不需要你, 也根本不管爱情. 我再也不需要你, 绝口不提爱情.
    I don’t need you at all, don’t even care for love at all. I don’t need you anymore, never to mention love.
    眼前的兄弟, 我跟你不熟也不亲, (良多今夜美女心就乱了频率)
    眼睛占一点便宜, 忘了女友的甜蜜, 当心两头不着岸, 你三思而后行.
    Brother in front me, I don’t know you and am not closed to you, (beautiful girls tonight makes you loss your heart tempo). Your eyes are taking a bit advantage on me (note: staring at the girls sexy bodies), forgot the sweetness of your girlfriend, beware of both head not reaching the bank (note: a boat not reaching both sides of riverbank, symbolic saying of a men losing both sides), think twice before you take the action.
    Repeat from * to **
    ***这不是谁都可以 我不是来者不拒 我不会强逼自己 更不会伤害自己****
    This is not about whoever is ok, I am not a girl that will not reject anyone that comes to me, I will not force myself, not even will hurt myself.
    (啊 啊 啊) (moaning) (呜喔 呜喔 呜喔 呜喔 呜喔 呜喔 呜喔) (woo…ing)
    Repeat from * to ** twice
    Repeat from *** to ****

  5. Hehe… won’t you feel good to have a Chinese educated friend? 😉
    Might not be 100% correct though.
    I never knew this song, and I thought it is pretty good.
    Somehow, the guys inside this song reminds me of you. 😛

  6. Well, how do u know i will view your blog? or u’re just so used to express ur feelings, ur thinking in here?
    I’m quite shocked, no doubt, when u approached me that time. Til now, i still dun really sure bout ur intention.
    I read thru ur masterpiece. Quite interesting!
    Anyway, may i know why r u giving me ur name card?

  7. another potential book series in progress here (”,)
    Huai Bin’s (Dummy) Guide to XX Chromosome
    and also a potential to overshadow the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, LoL~
    rock on

  8. vincent: Okay. 🙂
    fish fish: Thank you very much! 🙂 Me love you long time. Hmm…the lyrics are not what I expected it to be. -_-
    Oh well, I still prefer the version in my head instead of the lyrics since the actual lyrics is explicitly talking about men while mine isn’t. Haha!
    Reminds you of me? No la…I’m like the girl in the video. 😉
    Thanks for taking the trouble to translate. Hey, BabelFishFish!
    I really appreciate it!
    Doris: Hello there! I didn’t know for sure you will, but I was hoping you will so I left that message, hoping that you will read it. 🙂
    It’s not the first time I’ve noticed you, you know. I remember a couple of months back when I saw you and wondered where you came from.
    I gave you the card so you can SMS me, I wanted your number so I can talk to you, get to know you better perhaps? It’s a bit strange to be communicating through the blog. 😉
    Bert: Hey, I’ll be rich if I can even be anywhere near the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. 🙂
    Or even the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series.
    Hey, thanks Bert! Appreciate the direction. Cheers! 🙂

  9. HB… I’ve been a very dedicated reader (if a usually quiet one) since around 2003/2004, and after enviously reading sooooo many posts about food, music, and culture that we DON’T get to see or experience here in the US, it’s refreshing to FINALLY find something that I knew before you!
    This tune should sound familiar…

    Also the English Wikipedia post is:

    On a more personal note, it’s fantastic to see you back. After a year of checking I finally gave up, assuming you’d either passed away or gone into hiding. On an random whim, though, I typed into my browser window a couple months back (expecting the same error I’d been seeing for ages) and literally almost fell out of my chair in shock and joy when your page popped up. Yours is the only blog I’ve ever found that I enjoy reading (regularly anyway) so getting to ‘reconnect’ with your life was indescribably fantastic. I admit that your previous lifestyle was…outrageous/exciting/etc…and that part was what originally caught my interest (shared habits and whatnot) but your intelligence, wit, fascination with the world around you, and seemingly endless sense of daring immortality has been what kept it over the years.

    Yes, this turned into a publicly-posted fan letter but I wanted to thank you for coming back and let you know how much you’re refreshing perspective is appreciated by this honky white boy living in the very conservative, religious section of the US. Please keep it up!


  10. DaveInKYUSA: Hello there! Thanks for reading! I appreciate you being here since the beginning. Yeah, I haven’t been able to notify all the readers that I’m back since I lost the backup of the blog comments so I don’t have email addresses. Thanks for the support, yeah I guess you hit the nail right on the head there…daring immortality. It’s a curse, I tell you. 😉
    Hey, the tune is exactly the same! It’s not uncommon though, in fact it’s quite usual for Chinese singers to use a popular tune and change the lyrics. I don’t know what that does to copyrights and intellectual property, but it happens all the time.
    Thanks for the support, my friend, and thanks for reading. I’ll definately continue posting.
    Definately is one word I absolutely cannot spell without Spell Check.

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