Zuiho Daiko performance @ Sibu Gateway

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Zuiho Daiko is a professional taiko (Japanese drum) group with intellectual disabilities from Nagasaki, Japan. The Rajang Community Service in conjunction with the Sibu Community Services Association (of which the Agape umbrella falls under – the SCSA is apparently the jumbrella) organized the event for the Kanowit, Sibu and Kuching leg of their tour.

The performers were amazing – as event organizers, we were concerned about the acoustics of the venue since it’s an open space, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist (or the modern cellular biologist/nano physicist equivalent) to know that sound waves attenuates in such conditions.


However, the taiko drums were really loud and it was an amazing experience to watch them perform.

The show started out with an enthusiastic sonic assault from the taiko drums. Taiko drums are traditional Japanese percussion instruments that were used in feudal warfare. The taiko drums beats signals the troops to advance, retreat or call on allies to jump in.

zuiho players

I love the speech by the Japanese representative that stresses how Japan is now a peaceful country and offers an olive branch to all nations. I guess that strikes a note with the older generation since there was thunderous applause after that statement. Historically, Japan invaded, I mean, occupied, Malaysia (and other Asian countries) during World War II.

There was another great publicity stunt by the leader of the taiko drum troupe when he jumped out from backstage with our local Sarawak drum to perform.


The Sarawak drum was given as a souvenir to the drum troupe and this scene was totally unrehearsed and impromptu – the Japanese delegation did not even know about the souvenir until just before the performance when it was handed over.

…beats from the Land of the Rising Sun
(this was one of my press release titles that was rejected and I just wanted to publish it on my blog ;))

zuiho ending

The Zuiho Daiko ensemble performed for 40 minutes before the show ended. The area was packed, the crowd was happy, and overall the event was a success. It was tiring to be a volunteer for charity work, but strangely rewarding as well.

zuiho pose

The full postmortem of the event organization will be up soon. Cheers!

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21 thoughts on “Zuiho Daiko performance @ Sibu Gateway”

  1. I like the youtube of the show. Thank for sharing it to bloggers. Was in high school drumline and been taking taiko drumming in Japantown in San Francisco it lot of fun. Only thing I will not wear skimpy costume or other people in class too.

  2. This is interesting of those pictures of the taiko drummers and youtube. Many people into taiko drumming because it so popular now in San Francisco. Drumline drumming been around for a while too. My sister wanted me to join in high school with her but no.

  3. Cool pictures. Their style is differents from the style my friends learning in the states. Everywhere there are classes. Not sure in Malaysia there any classes.

  4. I was at tHe Spring yesterday and watched them performing. Yes… they are really very good. Especially that guy in your last pic. His skill is awesome. Too bad I couldn’t stay for the second half show. I went off after the first show.

  5. Jason: Thanks mate! Yeah it was a wonderful performance by the Zuiho Daiko drum troupe. They’re in Penang now.
    Amy: It’ll be fun to learn, a lot of passionate taiko drummers that night. Throughly enjoyable. πŸ™‚
    Brenda: This troupe is from Nagasaki, Japan. They’re probably different styles in different prefectures in Japan.
    Choonie: Yeah, I love the last guy in the photos too – he was the one who did the impromptu thing with the Sarawak drum we gave him. πŸ™‚
    Very talented taiko drummer. There was a female player in the Kuching troupe, right? We saw her in Sibu but she didn’t play.
    cbenc12: Yup, straight from Japan to boot. They’re going to Penang for the next leg of their tour. πŸ™‚

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