AirAsia – The perils of mis-clicking


I booked a return air ticket from Sibu to KL just now and mis-clicked on the departure date. I didn’t really notice the erratum until I checked the itinerary in my email. I went back and made amendments to the chronological discrepancy and was charged RM 150 for the “Change fee” (blue arrow).

It came up to a total of RM 165 for the clicking malfunction (green arrow) which is fair enough, considering Air Asia’s status as a no-frills airline and it was my mistake anyway.

However, it would be great if AirAsia allows for changes to the arrival/departure date and time for a certain period of time after the initial booking – a grace period, if you will. I suggest allowing changes 15-30 minutes after the initial booking gratis before the “Change fee” is levied.

This will allow genuine mistakes to be resolved without the fiscal penalty while avoiding last minute changes from indecisive travelers due to the short grace period for changes.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on the matter. I’ll be going to KL to attend my sister’s wedding reception in PJ. She’s already married – the ceremony was held yesterday at Auckland, New Zealand and she’s coming back with her husband and my parents for the KL reception before heading home to Sibu for the reception over here.

I’ll see you all in KL! 🙂

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36 thoughts on “AirAsia – The perils of mis-clicking”

  1. Congrats to your sis. Weddings in the family are always exciting (albeit stressful!!!).
    Shame about the AirAsia thing, but you’re right, there should be some sort of grace period. It’s the same for typos with names etc.

  2. How wonderful another wedding to attend. The airlines businesses are so bad here in the states. Flights do not serve snacks and meal is extras. Many people have to bring own snacks and drinks too. No more free drinks too. With family it like bags of food for kids always need somethings. They charge 50.00 USD per a luggage which people now thinking mailing their luggages first than fly.

  3. Travling used to be easy now new rules but for all safety. Time at the airport must be there early for check in and for luggages. States travels not as good as before. The extras cost of 50.00 US. for per luggages is too much. They did away with snacks and free drinks and many people now have buy and bring own foods.
    Is it the same for Asia airlines? Some airlines are doing away with headsets for movies and music. Bring your own IPOD and dvd for laptop I guess.

  4. Dude hey how many sisters you got? Cool she flying back to homeland off and on. Have not been to Hong Kong for a while my sister planing a wedding too. So many customs to follow for wedding. She want a lot things from San Francisco for wedding so she email me 2 pages long of things to buy. Got to go now shopping.

  5. oh, I experienced that many times d, from air asia to MAS. once, I clicked 6am instead of 6pm flight and proceed to paying..

  6. Hey, congrats to yr sis! The next time you mis-clicked, you can actually call the call centre and they will let you change for free. i’ve done that before. But provided it must be within a short period after the misclicking. RM 165 is a lot of money for a “mistake”! 😛

  7. Have a great time in PJ! Congratulations to your sister. When I made a mistake with the bookings, I usually call them up to amend it immediately but the waiting time on the phone is quite long.

  8. I did it twice. Once I had it changed immediately by calling them. Second time, I paid RM50 for my own mistake. Sienz… Usually I dare not buy ticket online when my brain is just not functioning well.

  9. It happened to me too! Didnt know could call them. Ended up paying almost double!! Well, not going to use that miserable airline unless l dont have a choice = no money! LOL!

  10. Ouch! I noticed the surcharge and admin cost etc. is 155, about half of the original price. In Europe, they’ve recently passed legislation to force no-frills airlines to be more realistic in their advertised price – I always find the price you begin with is never anything near the final one!
    Congrats to your sister!

  11. No frill airlines? The way things are all over there no frill anymore. Went on one airline all I had was a dry up turkey sandwich with a soft drink. One drink only. No chips or snack food at all just that. Seats so tight together no movie or headsets for music. Never again.

  12. Travling is not great anymore. Now I have to bring own foods and drinks. No way I will be extras for luggages. I pack much in handcarry and that it . If gifts I mail to people instead of carrying it on plane. Same for bring back home gifts. It just too costly now days. Hope it not like that in Asia airlines.

  13. Niki: Thanks! The wedding will be held in Sibu as well. And yeah, the grace period thing will be nice.
    Vickie: It’s the same over here with the no frills airlines. No complimentary meals or drinks – purchase on flight. 🙂
    Elaine: We are charged for checked in bags too. 🙂
    Each bag is RM 5 if booked online RM 10 if on the spot.
    Cost cutting by airlines.
    Jeffery: I only have one sister. She’s a doctor in NZ. There’s only two of us in the family. Me and my sister.
    nelson: Yeah, we should double check before entering the credit card details…
    melanie: Thanks mel! 🙂
    Hey, I didn’t know that. I could have saved the money for Penang if I knew I could call up the call center and tell them about it. Thanks for the tip, will remember to do that next time.
    ali: Cheers mate! Thanks for the tip. I seriously did not know that. Will call next time I make a mistake.
    clementwpy: Welcome back, my friend.
    KY: Yalor…or for a KL to Penang return flight. 🙁
    Jeff: Oh well, at least I learned that I can call up the center immediately and ask for a change FOC. 🙂
    eiling: Thanks eiling! 🙂
    I want chocolates when I go to KL. 😉
    Anyway, cheers for the tip, I shall remember that next time, calling the center if I make a mistake.
    Darren: Apparently, you can make changes for genuine mistakes FOC if you call the call center, as some readers pointed out. Interesting, I didn’t know that either.
    Choonie: RM 50! Why am I being charged three times that amount for the same mistake. Hmph. 🙂
    Yeah, gotta concentrate when making purchases online.
    suituapui: I didn’t know either. Well, you learn something new everyday. Now I know I can call up immediately if I make a mistake online. 🙂
    julian: Thanks Julian! 🙂
    Yeah, with the fuel surcharge, airport taxes and insurance (which I can never figure out how to remove) and prices for checked in luggage etc, it’s never close to the advertised price.
    It’s still cheaper than MAS though. 🙂
    Michale: Well, at least you had free snacks. We have to pay for snacks and drinks over here. 😉
    Josh: The official policy of this airline is that outside food and drinks cannot be consumed on board. You either purchase from the menu, or you don’t eat. 🙂
    Lainie: Lains! 🙂
    We gotta meet up this time, k?
    I will email you my itinerary.
    Anyway, I’ll reply the rest of the comments and catch up tomorrow. Work tomorrow so gotta get some sleep. Cheers all! 🙂


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