until the cows come home
Until the lembus come home…

I have been withholding this post and I think that now is the right time to reveal my plans for the future. I have decided to move to KL to work and have submitted my resignation letter a while back. I feel the need to strike out on my own and gain experience and skills in a more competitive environment while I am still under 30. ;)

I will be moving there for good this weekend and have been busy arranging for my car to be shipped over (and other miscellaneous stuff). I will be working in Kelana Jaya – which is technically in PJ, but the entire Klang Valley is referred to as “KL” by Sarawakians. :p

Regular sixthseal.com programming will resume tomorrow. Cheers all! :)

I’ll see you all in KL! =D

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31 Responses to “…until the cows come home”

  1. see you in PJ ;)

  2. See you around =) Have fun here!

  3. I see.. another sarawakian.. :)

  4. Welcome to Klang Valley and all the best to you in your new job! :)

  5. Hell yeah, HB. To borrow from a popular slogan here in the US: Yes You Can ;)

  6. Good luck in KL. More opportunity there I guess.

  7. Dude, now we get to see some XX chromosome post from the big city. Do remember all the “girl next door type” with a heart of gold from back home. Good luck dude.

  8. Yo hb!!!! remember me? am yo old fren from IRC era i guess? muahahaha from your previous post, I thought u’re in KL oredi…kinda confusing tho…anyway,do keep in touch yeah? “,

  9. So, am I going to see more exciting posts in future? Exciting post as if things that only sixthseal will do? :P LOL I wonder Doris is going to be there too?

  10. Wooot, see you around!

  11. Well, working in the city pay is better. What kind of adventure HB dude get himself into now? I see lot of adventure in store for you now. A guy got to grow up now blog is even better it got some what more style to it since the move.

  12. Good Luck!! :)Glad you planned for the future and i see Doris as one the reason in your decisions! Maybe wedding bells in a years time! Invite me ok :P

  13. finally! see you around man! :D

  14. Very nearby us bro, drop me a line when you’re here.
    Seriously it’s the place to be, you won’t regret it.

  15. Welcome to the working life in KL. All the best to you!

  16. Woo! gotta take a risk once in a while.
    Good luck!

  17. Well now you are city dude. Please show us your new hip bachlor pad when settle in. Will it have a gym and swimming pool? In states guys like to entertained more at homes and in to gourmet type food. I guess it Food NetWork shows that making people in cooking more at home.
    Reason is when you have a nice home you entertain more than going out.

  18. HB, Bloggers already know you like to cook. When you going to have a house warming party by showing bloggers your crib? What kind of food, table setting ect? A cyberspace type party.

  19. All the best Huai Bin. Will be seeing more exciting food reviews and vlogging from you. ;)

  20. Wish U all the best Huai Bin !

  21. Haha … I stay in Kelana Jaya area too :). Near Fatty Crab

  22. Best of luck
    I’ve been here all along, enjoying your sense of humor and food reviews/cooking exploits. Just never felt the need to comment. Until yesterday ;)
    Keep it up, you make me smile every day HB!

  23. Hi SixthSeal, Selamat Datang Ke Kuala Lumpur, You Are our President in Waiting (Underground Mixture).
    Hail to SixthSeal!!

  24. That’s where you belongs to.. :) Take care!

  25. Thought I commented earlier. Don’t see it anywhere. Never mind! All this while, I was thinking you’re already nicely settled and working in KL. No farewell-sending off dinner? Call me, if any…but I guess you just wanna spend ALL the time you have with Doris now, eh? Good luck, be good and God bless.

  26. HB,
    GOod Luck wishes from us to be with you, take K u’re big boy now!! new place, more hot entries we hope so!

  27. Thanks for all the kind comments people. I will reply the comments individually tomorrow. I’m coming down with the flu and this is my last week at work so I can’t take a sick day since I have a lot of stuff to hand over.
    Oh boy, tomorrow just gonna be a long day. I’m just going to drink lots of fluids and sleep. Night!

  28. HB, You better start getting flu shot every year. Getting flu take a lot out of a person. Here everyone are getting flu shots due to less sick time off from work.

  29. i wanted to say goodbye but my comment went missing. :(

  30. Well, Cafe Libre is right where your old office used to be, so anytime you’re in Taman Danau Desa *make sure* you pop in for a coffee, or lunch at least! Guarantee you the best cup of coffee in KL! :)

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