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la gourmet house

La Gourmet House is a Mediterranean restaurant located at the Curve. I was actually planning to go elsewhere but there was a heavy shower (not the golden type, the kind that rains on your parade) so we took refuge at the place. I haven’t heard of the establishment before but I reckon the “Buy 4 bottles of Tiger and get 1 free” promotion was quite alluring, so we decided to sit down for lunch.

la gourmet house montage

La Gourmet House claims European, Mediterranean and Spanish influences in the cuisine, creating a homely fusion of sorts. The interior seating arrangements are adorned with various Turkish (to my untrained and uncultured eye) fixtures and some of the tables have intricate designs. The al fresco dining area is thankfully protected from Mother Nature by a canopy system and is plumed with throw rugs.

la gourmet house beer

The beer is not the cheapest at the Curve (some places offer RM 32++ jugs) but it’s a pretty good deal at RM 48 for 5 bottles of local beer. The other beer they serve sounds German in origin and it’s priced at RM 22 per bottle, so I assume it’s an import. The ambiance of the place is great, very laid back and casual, with excellent service to boot.

anthonys sausage and pasta

I had their signature dish – Anthony’s Sausage and Pasta (RM 25.80). It’s a pasta dish with your choice of two (2) sausages, tossed with balsamic and olive oil, mozzarella cheese and walnut pesto. I chose Chorizo (a Spanish sausage) and the German bratwurst. The dish is served with sauce on the side – a mixture of mustard and something else my unrefined palate couldn’t identify.

anthony sausage and pasta

The pasta is done al dente and it absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, it was a little of the cold side when it got to our table. I wouldn’t discount the weather (it was raining) as a factor for the rapid cooling of the dish but it just didn’t taste as good as it would have, had it came out piping hot. The sausages are flavorful though, and I like the fact that you get to choose the types of sausage you want.

gourmet value meal

My girlfriend opted for their set lunch, dubbed “Gourmet Value Meals” at La Gourmet House. She had the Baked Seafood (RM 15.80), which comes with either juice or tea. The Baked Seafood dish is served on a bed of steamed rice (!), which I thought was quite unusual. We expected the entire dish to be baked e.g. topped with cheese before being baked in an oven.

baked seafood

There were a few premium ingredients in the dish – mussels, prawns, fish and other miscellaneous marine life, enough to justify the price…but it just didn’t taste quite right with steamed rice.

stuffed bell pepper

I also ordered an appetizer – the Stuffed Bell Pepper (RM 23.80) that is marked with a little chef’s hat indicating a house specialty. The starter further intrigued me by the “Subject to availability” tag line appended to it. It’s filled with aromatic chicken mortadella and served with the chef’s special sauce. There are two peppers – one red and one green, each sliced in half and stuffed.

bell peppers stuffed

Unfortunately, this appetizer (dessert?) came only after we finished our meal, and it was cold when it came to the table. I didn’t quite understand this, as we were the only ones there besides another family that just got seated. I imagine it might have tasted better had it been warm at least, but in its current condition; it just didn’t do the dish justice.

la gourmet house us

La Gourmet House at the Curve has a lot of potential, but it seems to be plagued by kitchen logistical glitches that manifests by cold dishes arriving at your table. The 4+1 beer promotion is also supposed to come with free tapas, which we didn’t get, and I didn’t realize until I looked at the bill today. I can’t attribute that to bad service (it was good, and quite attentive) so I really don’t know what’s going on there. I will go again for a second review a couple of months down the road and see how it goes. Cheers!

Total damage: RM 124.74 for two @ The House of Meals & Memories.

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17 thoughts on “La Gourmet House @ the Curve”

  1. Poor kitchen planing will not bring back returned customers. I like the plates heated for hot food and cold plate chill for cold dishes. Food seem not something you would stand out side waiting to get a table for. Popular well it depend if it had a very special dish customers would come from near and far for.

  2. Save your time and money. Poor kitchen staffs. Rather you go some where food and service is A 1.
    Some restaurants don’t get it in good service. You did not get your money worth. Felt bad for you and date.

  3. I don’t drink every day. This was during my vacation – it’s my personal rule, drinking is okay during vacations, not during normal work weeks.
    Anyway, this post is about food.

  4. 5 bottles of beer again…for lunch? but anyway who am i to judge.
    “La gourmet house”-love it how resturants add a single cliched French word at the start to try give a somewhat European feel. If your going to start a name in another language, may as well continue, gramatically incorrect wannabe names only make u look tacky.

  5. I have been reading your blog since near the start,(sure miss Veritas!) anyway I found a zip file I have of you shooting a firework titled (sixthseal_chai_lei)Qiucktime and I also have an AVI file named cny06 of fireworks being set off everywhere I think this was New Years at your house? If you need copies let me know I would be glad to send them to you. Very glad to see you up and posting again!

  6. Dude, I have the “fire-craker in your rented room” file, Cherie tongue piercing, Cherie tongue clamp, Copenhagen, K700i..the days before Youtube. I can put it on youtube for ya.

  7. PHB, When i read your lembu crossing the road post, i was like NO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! Bro, i had plans of how we going to conquer sibu when i go back meeting you!! Well, let it be! I do hope everything works out for you in KL, we shall meet in KL then!!!

  8. Dude, i’m not sure if it’s just me or i’m not getting somethingssss right.. is your girlfriend…
    A. Melody
    B. Autumn
    C. Doris
    I’m confused.. seriously..

  9. I would have waitperson take it back to kitchen if it not to done or serve well. It only way they will know and learn. Sometime too nice to them will not get you good service. Rather you not go back there again spend money else where.


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