Camwhoring @ vPOST Nuffnang Singapore Christmas Bash 2008


I am Osama bin Laden and I have managed to smuggle two grenades despite the foolish US attempts to blindfold me and tie my hands behind my back. Jihad! Death to infidels! Or something.


The Malaysian Nuffnangers PJ Centerpoint gang – KY, Huai Bin, Elaine, Eiling, Suanie.


The FireAngel herself.


Nicholas from Nuffnang!


Pinky from Nuffnang!


Yee Hou from Nuffnang!

cindy tey

OMG! Cindy Tey of MDG fame.


Why you wanna dominate me like this Jolyn?

ginny nat

Okay, put on your scary faces Ginny and Nath, I’m taking all you down with me. Explosive duct (grenade) taped (stuck) in my mouth, and nothing’s gonna change my mind. I won’t listen…to anyone’s last words. There’s nothing left for you to say, coz soon you’ll be dead anyway. πŸ˜‰

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25 thoughts on “Camwhoring @ vPOST Nuffnang Singapore Christmas Bash 2008”

  1. I seriously like your costume!!!
    It is so cool and like some kind of matrix suit.
    Wanted to take a photo with you at the end of the event but cant find you!!
    Nice knowing you. =D

  2. Chris Thoo: Janggut? The US military shaved it off la. They shaved off Saddam Hussien’s beard too. πŸ˜‰
    Simon Seow: Ya, she very the leng lui right? Professional somemore. πŸ˜‰
    kaizhi: Hello there! Thanks for the kind comments. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, about that, yeah sorry…I was kinda there in body but not in spirit (pun intended). I kinda er…passed out during the event. Next thing I knew I was in the taxi back with Eiling and Ginny.
    I took a shower and went back out. Why no one wake me up one?
    Anyway, see ya at the next event k? Cheers buddy.

  3. HB, I thought you knew I live in a apt dorm building. I try using my wifi in the city is always block. With a public computer and free internet service everybody use it. Hope that clear up matter. This apt dorm is own by my parents friend so got a good deal and get to meet people and make friends.
    In Chinatown they have one for women also called Gum Moon they got own blog too. Rent not bad include many things and safe location. If you have anyone looking for a place. We goes on many trips and do lot things together.

  4. You passed out AGAIN? Gee!!! Can’t drink, better don’t drink! Gud thing u didn’t lose everything this time…like the time in Miri! Hope u did not get liwatted? Now let’s browse thru ur pics to see which guy would be capable of something like that…. Ah! That one!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!


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