AJ Hackett G-Force X


AJ Hackett G-Force X is dubbed as the highest slingshot ride in Asia – a reverse bungee jump inside a capsule pulling up to 5G’s, which is more than a MIG-25 fighter plane. It’s also described as an anti-gravity machine. I lost all my photos from Sunway Lagoon but thankfully I went for the DVD package so I still have the video on YouTube. πŸ™‚

The ride cost about RM 30 (there is a 50% discount for MyKad holders) inclusive of the DVD and a “Certificate of Insanity”. I was in with an Iranian tourist, who looked rather nervous during the ride, but chilled out at the end. I didn’t think the ride was anything special, to be honest. 

It looks much better filmed from the outside – you can see the capsule slingshot up and get a scale of how high the ride is. It goes up to 65 meters reaching speeds of 120 km/h in 2 seconds before a sensation of weightlessness comes over you. It’s a pity I lost the video filmed from below together with the digicam at Sunway Lagoon. This video is ripped from the DVD featuring the camera inside the capsule.

I rate rides by whether it scares me or not and not one has ever put The Fear of God (TM) into my heart. However, it is a ride by AJ Hackett, and it’s worth a try with the discount for Malaysians.

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127 thoughts on “AJ Hackett G-Force X”

  1. Ha..ha..ha.. you crazy HB, if I sure die of heart attack. I only ride the Genting roller coaster with 3 time 360. I swear never ride this roller coaster thing untill I were dumb by this Space Tunnel at Disneyland Hong Kong which I thought for kids untill it turn out to be a pitch black roller coaster ride. Shit man I nearly puke ;p

  2. Oh boy, this scary ride is never my cup of tea! I’d only tried the most basic roller coaster in Genting (remember the 1st roller coaster in Geting? Now rusty already) and that’s it, I know I never ever want to ride any of these in my life anymore! I can say I had the scariest moment in my life after the 1st slope and from then I closed my eyes through the ride to the end. I’m a ‘chicken’. I bet you can go for AXN fear factor! πŸ™‚

  3. HB, you sure are one crazy dude! Smiling, chatting and making hand signals with your eyes wide open faving hands in the air while on the ride. NUTS! I’d be screaming my head off with my eyes shut tight dude. No bulls**t. How did you lose your camera? Was it with you on the ride? Who was with you (waiting at the bottom) at the time you took the ride? What is your greatest fear anyway? Gotta meet up with you one of these days when I’m back in KL.

  4. I tried this once 2 years ago in Singapore. Where is this ride? Until when, during CNY got? Then I can bring my cousin from HK to ride. Singapore cost SGD 30 per ride wtf.

  5. HB, It like the rides I had in Vegas a few years ago. Never ride that New York New York ride again. I suffered a sore neck for a week from it almost lost my stomach there too.

  6. KY: It is an entity that AA/NA refers to as a “Higher Power”. But then the “Higher Power” can be voodoo for what they care. πŸ˜‰
    eiling: Yeah, you know me. Fear no evil, dare devil, fuck the world kind of person. πŸ˜‰
    My ex-boss was filming us, using the now lost Sony T-300 (RM 1,799 – sob). He went with his nephew.
    calvin: It’s not as scary as it looks. But then again, I’m an adrenaline junkie (amongst others) so yeah…
    Do check it out though, 50% off RM 50 is 25 is you don’t want the DVD.
    YingYang: It’s installed inside the capsule. It’s for memorabilia sake.
    Roland: It’ll be fine, you just need to be desensitized and get over the fear of dying. Don’t be afraid of death. Death is only the beginning! =D
    seth.frostheart: Hola soul mate! πŸ™‚
    I wanted to go on it twice but my ex-boss told me it’ll be even less exciting the second time so it’ll only be a waste of money.
    Lisa Lee: I think he’s a n00b to adrenaline. πŸ˜‰
    Jerine: Me too! My first as when I was 13 in NZ during our first landing. Bungee jump. Nothing compares to that anymore. πŸ™
    AJ Hackett over here has the G-Force X and a Flying Fox.
    Lisan: Don’t be. Seriously, most people fear rides coz they don’t trust in technology. I’m from a comp sci background so I have no problems trusting in technology. Just sit back and relax.
    The Bull: For sure mate, I would love to meet up with you. Kindred souls we are.
    Anyway, the digicam was still around at this time, my ex-boss filmed it from the bottom.
    I only lost it on the last roller coaster ride.
    There’s only one thing I’m scared of – spiders.
    I’m really scared of the fucking things, get a big enough one near me and I’ll literally run out of the room.
    Cheryl: Here at sixthseal.com, the thrills never end. πŸ˜‰
    Oops…the ride you mean. It never ends too. It’s at Sunway Lagoon. πŸ™‚
    Jom, we go together sometime? I love the water park.
    Simon Seow: It’s at Sunway Lagoon. Much cheaper than Singapore. Pinky look down on me. Claims that Singapore one faster. Ok la, but not AJ Hackett!!!!!!!!!!11oneoene
    Michale (Mike): I know what you mean. Some rides makes me puke too, especially the spinning ones. I never get on the tea cup rides coz they make me puke.
    Paul: Haha! My ex-boss was telling me just that. He said I’ll be fucked if the guy suddenly goes “Allah Akhbar” and detonates something. πŸ˜‰
    essentric: Eh, text me next time. I want kaki to go to Sunway. I love the water park.
    Darren: I’ll bring you around. πŸ™‚
    You brought me around Miri, only fair I bring you around KL. πŸ™‚
    Jenny: I filmed the entire thing. It’s in my archives. It’ll be up on the 15th so I can send you the link. I was kinda fucked up then (2005 or 2006) and insisted on filming all the rides despite the dodgy looks I was getting from the attendants. πŸ™‚
    This is better than the Genting ride, but not by much.
    hitomi: Nope, I had my body straight and reclining like a good boy. πŸ™‚

  7. Jys: It’s not that scary to be honest. More like exciting. I wish I had the video filmed from below to show you.
    Darren: See ya soon!


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