Lou Sang @ New Paris Restaurant SS2

new paris

Restaurant New Paris is renowned for two things – their watermelon chicken and the speed their dishes are served. I was there for the second lou sang dinner of the year – there were 24 of us so we occupied two tables on the third floor. Yes, despite it’s humble exterior, Restaurant New Paris actually has three (!) floors of dining splendor.

new paris owner

I neglect to mention the other thing New Paris Restaurant in SS2 is famous for – the loudspeaker-toting proprietor. He takes his hailer and literally shouts out orders to the crew, you just have to experience it. Heh! You can see how often that is done by the well-loved and duct-taped hailer. Hail to the (real) King, baby! πŸ˜‰
(no pun intended)

new paris interior

The full three stories of Restaurant New Paris are captured here. It wasn’t quite full when we arrived at 6:30 pm but by the time it reached around 7 pm the entire three floors of New Paris Restaurant was absolutely packed! It’s very popular, that’s for sure. I also learnt the arcane art of “cleansing” cups – you’re supposed to pour hot tea into one and then swirl it around before pouring it into the next cup. Rinse and repeat.

new paris lou sang

I present – the salmon yee sang of New Paris Restaurant! Most of the ingredients are sourced off-the-shelf…

new paris yee sang

…but it’s the ceremony that matters! More $ during the next year! More bonuses! Higher paychecks! Win 6k in Genting! Snag Cameron Diaz! Okay, maybe not that last one.

new paris aftermath

We were very enthusiastic about the entire thing…look at the aftermath of the lau sang session. I think some of it got into my drink as well… -_-!!!

new paris food

I like the quaint steamed rice in a pot that Restaurant New Paris serves their rice in. The butter prawns was tasty too. I wouldn’t be in a rush to write home about the omelet, vegetables, or the tofu but their pork leg is ze best! Excellent!

new paris fish

No Chinese New Year dinner would be complete without fish. This is ginger fish, steamed before being deep-fried. I was astounded that this was actually possible. How can you steam a fish and then deep fry it? Logistics aside, the ginger fish was great.

watermelon chicken

However, the signature dish of Restaurant New Paris is their watermelon chicken. It has scoops of fresh watermelon on the side with the hollowed out fruit being used as a receptacle for sweet and sour chicken. It’s fabulous and the presentation is great. It’s so good there was watermelon ball poaching amongst the two tables. πŸ™‚

fionne wai yan

Wai Yan and Fionne.

new paris group

Restaurant New Paris serves good Chinese food and the upside is that they churn out their dishes really fast. I mean, really fast, as in Speedy Gonzalez kind of fast. The flagship watermelon chicken should not be missed. The chicken pieces are tender and flavorful and I could only find the Good Parts (TM) inside – drums, thighs etc.

Anyway, I’ll be driving down to Ipoh later for an overnight road trip. Catch you all tomorrow. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! πŸ™‚

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58 thoughts on “Lou Sang @ New Paris Restaurant SS2”

  1. YingYang: Yeah, we had that. Dee fried pork knuckles (I thought it was pork leg but was told it was pork knuckles). Last pic in the montage of six. It’s very delicious!
    Happy CNY bro! Alright, I’m off to Ipoh. See ya tomorrow.

  2. becareful staying at rh hotel sibu there rude security guard there named louis and will tryand flirt with your daughter and wife.

  3. wait, wait, wait… watermelon and chicken? I am an old white guy (49) from the south, (US) and I have traveled a bit, but there is nothing better than a real fried chicken leg (sorry PETA) and a slice of watermelon. damn, I am in trouble now.

  4. HB,
    Now my mom want to make dishes shown in your entry. They do not have this certain kind of dishes in California or San Francisco at all.
    We have Chui Chow style, Hakka, northern and southern.

  5. This watermelon chicken does it have puree juice of watermelon in glaze for chicken? I been trying to make it here in San Francisco since there no where have this dish. You said it sweet and sour taste. Is it with watermelon juice in it also?

  6. wow i remember this place. used to be under a tree! i haven’t been there for yeas and they moved to a huge shoplot? business must be really good. and the food back then was amazing too. guess the quality is still maintained. interesting, thanks for the heads up HB. i will drop by soon.

  7. Juice: I think she will. I better remove her photo before we start work. Haha!
    tom: Klang eh? Hmm…haven’t tried it in Klang, heard it was famous in this joint.
    Michael Yip: Happy CNY buddy!
    jason teong: Sorry that happened to you dude.
    hitomi: It would be the blind leading the blind, but can try. πŸ™‚
    ShaolinTiger: I’m back! Two days till work starts. *sigh*
    KY: I think 3 minutes? Then all the dishes started coming in a row. Amazing fast.
    tom: You’ll love this. Perhaps you can try cooking it, hollow out half a watermelon with an ice cream scooper and cook chicken and put it inside the shell.
    Erica: Yeah, it’ll be nice experimenting with new things. Tell your mom I said hello! πŸ™‚
    WEEN: I would but you’re not even here mate.
    thenomadGourmand: Yup, I’m back. Had a lot of fun in Ipoh, will post about it soon. Huge entry, lots of photos. I love the chicken beansprouts kueh tiaw soup in Ipoh. πŸ™‚
    robinwong: Yeah, it’s a nice, small town though it has city status.
    Michale (Mike): Hmm…I don’t know about that detail…and I don’t know who to ask. Sorry, maybe you can try experimenting with and without?
    seth.frostheart: Hey, thanks for the history! It used to be under a tree eh? Boss is doing well, three stories of grandeur with lots of staff. Great service, prompt food.

  8. I’ve been patronizing Paris since I was a child. Like the way to give a big bowl of rice for you to re-fill and fast service. They are one of the very first restaurant to introduce lemon chicken.

  9. Simon Seow: Yeah, the fast service is the best eh? Lemon chicken? When? We had lemon chicken for AGES (since I was 13 – good 15 years ago) in Sibu.

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