MDG 2 Closed Auditions: Interviews Redux


I managed to interview the last batch of girls – including Natasha…


…and Nurbaya.


The next post will be Behind the Scenes (TM) stuff – watch the girls just chilling out. I’m going to write about fortune telling next – I was told the number and gender of the offspring I’m going to have.

Read more at the MDG 2 official blog.

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79 thoughts on “MDG 2 Closed Auditions: Interviews Redux”

  1. Hey man,
    You outta shoot anthony bordain from No Reservations an email. You could show him around Malayasia and Kuching. You have an extremly strong resume with all your food posts. Anthony had a drug problem so you have that, and you seem extremley personable. I KNOW you would get on there. Maybe even stack a bit of money while your at it. If you have never seen the show, check it on I’ll email him too so he can check out ur blog.

  2. Are entering the MDG yourself? I thought a saw a pic of you dressed up in drag not long ago? I reckon you do well, all your reader would definately vote for you 🙂

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  4. Mike: I love the guy! He’s probably the closest thing I have to someone I look up to as in TV personalities. I believe he’s been to Sarawak though.
    miyagi: Erm…
    fish fish: OMG! Really? I didn’t quite like the predictions I got (one boy, one girl) coz er…prevailing circumstances led me to lose one. :p
    hitomi: Ya, I was in a hurry. 🙁
    I’m quite busy with work these few days. Lots of projects.
    YilingL: I think the dial accidentally went to shutter priority when I handed the digicam over. 🙁
    victor: I must disclaim everything. I didn’t take the photo (obviously) since I was IN the photo. I didn’t notice it too. :S
    Choonie: I will, tomorrow. 🙂
    Jeff: Haha! I don’t think they allow cross dressers. 😉
    DYMM Tuanku: Heh! Nice one, my friend. 🙂

  5. Am a married man, and have the one taste for all phenomena…
    but just have to say seeing Natasha is a pretty good reminder of why I married a beautiful woman from South East Asia…as long as it reminds me of my wife, guess it’s o.k.
    (drooling, slightly biting lip).

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