20 thoughts on “Saturday is…”

  1. Hey dude, update your “About Me” page lah. LOL. It’s miserably outdated and certain sentences were (note the past tense) misleading. :P

  2. WEEN: Hmm…I’ve had a couple, it’s a traditional birthday drink over here but it’s not my birthday. I just wanted to see how they did it, different watering holes have different configurations, some quite impressive. :)
    Juice: Hey, I just realized that it’s not linking properly, will fix it. BTW, I wrote it so it’s “timeless” so I didn’t have to update it that often. Eh, no misleading sentences, all are still relevant now. :)
    TianChad: Yup, trying out new…er, therapies for slipped disc pain management. ;)

  3. Verily, I tell you, if you wake up with The Thirst (TM) go to 7 Eleven to buy a popsicle instead of guzzling water. You’ll feel much better.

  4. Cheryl: Hehe! It’s 2.5 pints technically, since we shared the 5 pints. I was a bit too full dy, despite not breakfast or lunch before drinking.

  5. maggot: Yeah, I’ve been working long hours this week, especially on Friday so I figured I’ll go blow off some steam. :)
    Hmm…you just reminded me. I need to get a weekly housekeeper to help me clean up my place. I hear it’s RM 35 for 5 hours. :)

  6. KY: It’s impossible for two people to drink like that from the giant glass without spillage. Straws are okay though. :)

  7. good deal, HB. but I hope neither of you back wash. ( we were at a family meal, and I was gonna take a drink out of a nieces glass of tea, and I was cautioned, ” dont do that, she backwashes” ( ewww, gross, somtimes what she drinks will go back in the glass). Well hell, she was only 7 at the time. Now she is grown up. I did not die. Nor did she. But I get my own glass or cup, when I can, HB. No floaters in the cup or glass. I am even lerry at communion. Of course, that is beside the point, if you all kissing all day. That is a whole different thing. Wishing you much happines. Tom

  8. crappy booze: Haha! Sure thing buddy. Weekends only k? :)
    tom Robinson: I’m not very particular about backwashing. I personally don’t though. Heh! :)

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