Yes, it’s that time of the year again! It’s like Christmas for adults. It’s…Oktoberfest!

Okay, maybe that sounded a bit anti-climactic considering it’s the title, but still, it’s great beer, good food, awesome fun – what else do you need to have a blast? It’s a celebration of the amber fluid that unites! πŸ™‚

oktoberfest girls

Malaysia throws a damned good Oktoberfest bash every year! I make it a point to join in the celebrations each time, soaking up the food, fellowship, and of course, the suds.

oktoberfest group

There are events going on all over Malaysia. Check out the listings here. Here’s just a couple of them.

Camberwell Club (Bukit Damansara)
17 October

Jarrod & Rawlins (Bukit Damansara)
D’ Fortune Club (Dataran Menteri)
18 October

Laundry (Curve)
Lava Restaurant & Bar (Kota Kinabalu)
19 October

QE II (Penang)
Oktoberfest Special (Changkat Bukit Bintang)
20 October

Golden Sands Resort (Penang)
The King’s Arms (Kuching)
21 October

Cold Storage (Gurney Plaza)
Terminal One (Kuching)
Havana CafΓ© (Kuching)
22 October

Ming Cafe (Miri)
23 October

Deutches Gasthaus 5 (Bandar Manjalara, Kepong)
Mewah Club (Klang)
24 October

Switch (Kota Damansara)
Neptune Club (Petaling Jaya)
25 October

Odeon Club (Kepong Baru)
27 October

Regalia Ritz (Sibu)
KGK Annex Club (Kota Kinabalu)
28 October

KK Waterfront (Kota Kinabalu)
29 October

There also will be a Bavarian style Oompah band playing. The video above shows the celebrations during Oktoberfest last year, this time Die Dorf Fest Kapelle will be performing for the night!

oktoberfest 1 liter mug

The HUGE 1 Liter Oktoberfest Mug that everyone wants will be making a return as well – this time with special Oktoberfest 2011 embossing. I remember collecting all the limited bar editions and the generic ones last year – I still have it! πŸ™‚

paulaner oktoberfest bier

I am also truly excited about sampling the exclusive Oktoberfest beers like Hopf Ice (and others like Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier and 111 Zwickl). Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier is a special brew for Oktoberfest that weighs in at a slightly higher 6% alcohol and I’ve been hearing lots of good things about it.

Enjoy happy hour all night long for any of these draught beers:

  • Tiger Beer
  • Guinness
  • Heineken
  • Kilkenny
  • Strongbow
  • Paulaner


It’s all on draft, at happy hour prices, all night long! πŸ˜€


However, one thing that I’m doing a wee bit out of the norm this year is to head up to Penang to party! w00t!

Why Penang, you ask?


Why not? I love the place, it’s the food capital of Malaysia! I can head out for a nice plate of char kueh tiaw (with extra blood cockles, and oh, a duck egg on top) to soak up the nights’ drinking before going for another round the next day!


I’ll be drinking by the beach in our very own Pearl of the Orient in a next week! I’m celebrating Oktoberfest at QEII (20th Oct) and Golden Sands Resort at Batu Feringgi Beach (21st Oct). Come and join the Oktoberfest celebrations at various places around the country! Check the Oktoberfest FB page for the full listing.


I can’t wait to try the exclusive Oktoberfest beers! Oktoberfest in Malaysia has come a long, long way and you’ll feel like you’re in Munich with all the beer, German expatriates and the oompah band playing in the background.


Where will you be celebrating Oktoberfest this year? πŸ™‚

Don’t hate the playa, hate the game


I like to think of myself as a bit of a playa with the number of notches on my belt for my various conquests. It has come to the point that I can’t even remember how many people of the fairer sex I’ve done the horizontal boogie with. smirk

jestina goon

However, one very special girl totally eluded me. This is Jestina and I’m not going after her for shits and giggles, I meant for it to be a meaningful relationship, which would hopefully culminate in holy matrimony. It took me over a year of effort, which ultimately proved to be futile.

I remember taking half day leave in my previous company just because she mentioned she was craving for a green tea latte. I went all the way down from SS6 to Berjaya Times Square to get her one from Starbucks. I didn’t have GPS back then so I took the LRT so I wouldn’t get lost and end up handing her cold latte. >.<

taken by yuen yee

I think the problem with me is that I have approached the entire enterprise the wrong way from the start. I am used to playa moves and for this one I went the romantic route, which didn’t work very well. I have a very high batting average a.k.a. success rate when I’m in playa mode but I didn’t want to play her. Thus, I might have come across as too desperate.

BTW, in case you didn’t know, girls can smell desperation from a mile (or two) away. (!!!)

Anyway, still being friends, I decided to give it the good ol’ college try for one last time. We went out for lunch and dinner and hung out together. The last date was the most memorable one coz we were just sitting on the floor in MPH side by side, reading this huge dual volume compilation of creative advertisements and laughing and sharing together.

me jestina mph

That was a very nice memory that I’ll keep forever.


Jestina is a very nice girl. She tries to make time for me even though I kinda knew deep inside that she wasn’t interested in me romantically. I just had a heart to heart with her after our date last weekend and she told me that she can’t see me as anything except a friend.

It took a lot of time and part of me was glad that she told me the truth at last.


I was out drinking last night and one of my friends asked me a question that was so obvious it would be the size of the Great Pyramids of Giza if I was not blinded by love:

Has she ever initiated conversation with you?

The answer is no! I have always been the one to call, text and MSN her. I knew it, and I willfully ignored it. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. >.<

Playa FAIL!

Thus, it’s time to move on and get my playa’ mojo back. Can’t be moping around when you’re in the prime of your life. smirk

Incidentally, there’s a sexy party going on at Movida in Sunway Giza called Playa’. It’s on the 20th October and starts from 10 pm – 12 am. I reckon this would be the best time to socialize with the opposite sex over cocktails. There will be 4 different signature Encore cocktails at the event.


You can also create your very own cocktail with their Mixologists and experience how to shake, stir, mix and pour a proper cocktail. Join the Encore Facebook page to get the latest about their parties.

I have 20 drink vouchers to give out so if you want them, just drop a comment and say “I’m a player for life and I’m going to Playa’” and the first 10 will get a pair each.

Make sure all of you who commented turn up to cheer me up.

Dun be a FKK queen like Jestina. :p

A rather tragic weekend

tragic weekend fun

I went out drinking with Jan, Sam and Shawn on Saturday night after dinner at Bubba Gump. During the course of the night, I consumed enough ethanol to kill a small horse but somehow managed to maintain my sobriety.

tragic weekend absinthe

It was a night of Bloody Mary’s, absinthe, frozen martinis, shooters, Flaming Lamborghinis and various other cocktails and at the end of the session (and after racking up a staggering RM 566.96 bill); Jan got rather inebriated and fell down while puking on my shoes.

The problem is she fell flat on her face into the tarmac outside Telawi Street Bistro.

tragic weekend face

I tried to grab her, but missed and scraped my hand instead. Thus, I bundled her into my car sans seatbelt on the front seat while I drove back.

tragic weekend hand

Thank God, Allah, Buddha, Confucius, Gaia, Sol Invictus et al that I didn’t run into any road blocks that night.

tragic weekend end

I cannot imagine talking my way out of a failed breathalyzer test with a passed out girl in my car. I think it would be a catastrophe of epic proportions if I were stopped by the police. Since I didn’t get apprehended, the damage level has been downgraded to merely tragic. πŸ˜‰

I have a drinking problem

I have known this for ages. I know that once I start drinking, I usually don’t stop until I pass out. In the process, I do stupid stuff and generally make a fool out of myself. This happens from the moment I get intoxicated and ends when I pass out.

After two infamous instances of passing out this year – once in Singapore and once during Christmas Eve – not to mention countless other occasions in Sibu, I have decided to make like DiGi…Time to change!  I will not drink alcohol (not even beer) for the entire month of January. It will be NO ALCOHOL MONTH as one of my co-workers puts it.

I have attended AA/NA sessions in the past so in the sprit (no pun intended) of the group, I humbly seek forgiveness from everyone I have hurt or offended while drinking.

I am truly sorry.

Blackout in Bukit Bintang area

There was a blackout along the Jalan Sultan Ismail road and the
surrounding areas (around Bukit Bintang) this afternoon. I heard the
power substation tripped and the affected areas included our workplace
up to the Bukit Bintang strip but not extending to the Kotaraya
section. Anyway, I was about go for a #2 when that happened and it’s
good that I didn’t or else I’ll be stuck in a rather dim toilet with
only the backup light…

I would imagine process flow would suffer a hit in these conditions…

Anyway, word says it’ll take several hours for Tenaga National to
fix the problem so we had an early day off. I left at slightly past
4:30 pm so it was an early day for me. A spoiler here…tomorrow would
be my last day at XM Malaysia. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place
to work in and the people are really nice but circumstances (a whole
plethora) resulted in my decision to resign. I’ve been keeping this
under wraps for a while, though I’ve been hinting at it, so no one
knows except several workmates.

It was not an easy decision to make, and I have definitely enjoyed
my time here. In reply to the questions about whether I would bum
around after that, the answer is no, but I can’t give more information
that that right now, hope you understand. I will be flying back on the
16th for my Chinese New Year break as planned and I would be based in a
different city starting February. It’s not KL and it’s not Sibu, can’t
say much more than that right now.

Anyway, for the C base that lurks around here, put your hearts at
ease, let your thoughts be free, I won’t cut any of you loose without a
lifeline, so SMS me at my usual number (no calls PLEASE, don’t
jeopardize me in my last few days in KL) and I’ll arrange
alternate…er, arrangements for you. Remember, SMS only and
expect a price freeze (*cough* actually expect a price drop, people
don’t work for free, ya know), the offer is valid so long as I could be
fucked to reply your messages even though I’m not in the scene now. πŸ˜‰

Well, I’ll be going back to drinking this wonderful soju called Jinro, blurry photo here:

You know you may have a problem with drinking when your
consumption is daily and er…you actually drink alone (well, not
technically alone, my gf is here, but she’s not drinking, I digress),
but hey, at least it’s legal.

while I watch Working Girl (yeah, I know I’m late, but I don’t watch
series that much). Great Taiwan series with Jolin as the
protagonist…for some reason some people can’t get into it, but I
enjoyed it, nearing the end now. Yup, I know my drinking is slightly
above what most people would consider “average”, so please feel free to
admonish me and I would promptly send all said admonishments to /dev/null. Thank you for the feedback.

Faster than a speeding bullet


I was driving to KDU’s campus to see the Victor/N Chung concert when
this fuckwit in a green Proton Iswara decided that I had superhuman
reflexes that allows me to go from 70 kmph to 0 kmph in 2 seconds flat
on a rainy day when the roads are slippery. Luckily, unbeknownst to me,
I really DID have that ability even though it was dusk at that time and
the rain made visibility really poor. Hurray for me.

This scene happened on a stretch of road with a gap in the road
divider for U turns, and the driver of the green Iswara was planning to
do just that, but he/she stopped suddenly instead of slowing down and
using the signal lights, which is what non-fuckwits do. Anyway, I
managed to avoid colliding into the car, so all is well right? On any
other day, that statement would hold true, but on a rainy day, these
things have a way of compounding and affecting other drivers on the

As I was liberally applying my horn to voice my displeasure at the driver’s fuckwitted-ness, I heard a very particular
screeching of tyres which could only mean a certain collision or a very
near miss. With some trepidation, I looked into my rear view mirror and
saw this Land Cruiser careening towards me at a speed which could not
possibly stop before it hit me. No fucking way in hell.

It was getting bigger and bigger in my rear view window and it still
wasn’t slowing down anywhere near enough to avoid a collision. I’m glad
I had another superpower – Thinking Really Fast. Okay, maybe that’s not
really a superpower but still… The fuckwit in the green Iswara has
still not made the U turn due to heavy traffic on the opposite side, so
I twisted my steering wheel to the left as far as it would go and
really stepped on the accelerator. I figured, if I hit the green
Iswara, it would just be on the side of the bumper, but if that Land
Cruiser hit me, it sure would not have been pretty.

Miraculously (there wasn’t enough space), I squeezed by the Iswara
without hitting its bumper and the Land Cruiser screeched to a halt wayyyyy past
the Iswara (the driver must have swerved as well). That meant the Land
Cruiser would have hit me (and not lightly at that) had I not made the
gamble to hit the gas and squeeze by at that crucial moment. Oh well,
disaster averted. I’ll write up the concert tomorrow, feeling really
blah now. Release serotonin please.

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