I have a drinking problem

I have known this for ages. I know that once I start drinking, I usually don’t stop until I pass out. In the process, I do stupid stuff and generally make a fool out of myself. This happens from the moment I get intoxicated and ends when I pass out.

After two infamous instances of passing out this year – once in Singapore and once during Christmas Eve – not to mention countless other occasions in Sibu, I have decided to make like DiGi…Time to change!  I will not drink alcohol (not even beer) for the entire month of January. It will be NO ALCOHOL MONTH as one of my co-workers puts it.

I have attended AA/NA sessions in the past so in the sprit (no pun intended) of the group, I humbly seek forgiveness from everyone I have hurt or offended while drinking.

I am truly sorry.

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49 thoughts on “I have a drinking problem”

  1. Good luck with that man, and if you start to get the shakes, have a drink, because as you probably know, alcohol withdrawal can kill you. Best of luck man.

  2. Dude! It’s probably not gonna help that Heinekken is sponsoring your blog’s theme! Haha.
    On a more serious note, good luck in cutting down on the alco for January. Don’t let peer pressure get to ya. Happy New Year.

  3. Be resposible for everything you do. Sometimes it’s just too late to say sorry! Be a man and keep your words.
    Take care HB!

  4. As a recovering alcoholic – who has fallen off the wagon one too many times πŸ™ – I wish you all the very best. It’s very satisfying when achieved, but every little demon will try to tempt you away from that which damages your health. πŸ˜‰
    I am still on Clonazepam daily, to prevent convulsive withdrawals, and it’s getting so, so easy when you mix the two!
    Stay strong – I made it through Xmas and every temptation from quality wine to 16 yr-old Lagavullin (That hardest test of all!!)
    If you want it, you’ll achieve it πŸ™‚
    Best wishes,

  5. Heyy HB if you go out clubbing (or in the company of people drinking), just hippie speedball which means combine the effects of weed and caffeine…smoke a joint (maybe before) and drink some RedBull..you will feel high without damaging your liver and without stimulating not even one GABA receptor! I personally find combination caffeine & THC to be more enjoyable than ethanol! good luck…

    you have a drinking problem….
    you should know better….
    i think you should ‘really’ listen to yr gf….
    you’re back in the limelight again, ie KL !!!
    you need to remember all the ‘BAD times’
    do NOT fall back into the same trap AGAIN…
    you have my support: Quit ‘COLD turkey’ now!
    metta & karuna always..

  7. Good luck getting off the sauce, HB. For me, drinking is a social thing. So in order to cut back I have to avoid bars altogether which can be difficult. Pro-tip: substituting some green can help take the edge off.

  8. Good on you mate..
    Never give up, but please don’t die trying.
    It’s best you seek a doctor’s opinion on your decision to suddenly quit drinking.
    My older brother and I are both former alcoholics. He’s still in the mends for the past 2 years and is living off a doctor’s prescription of some kinda benzo because he has had several fits and even a minor heart attack from his decision to quit.
    My doctor didn’t prescribe me anything as I was weaning myself off alcohol by substituting it with weed. It helped, but I just got myself hooked (dependency driven) to cannabis instead.
    Now I’ve quit that too and am having drinks occasionally to ward off the urge to call the dealers..
    It’s a long hard fight mate.
    The Phoenix would be terribly disappointed if you were to give up.
    All the best any Happy New Year HB..

  9. HB,
    It hard for people to see me with a drinking problem. It started as teenager of 15 year of age. My first now late boyfriend got me started on beer later wiskey ect. I wrote to you off and on. Being a woman with a BA and good job I trying to keep it clean and not easy.
    Drink to ease sadness of late boyfriend who was killed in Long Beach after being discharge from marine serving 4 years at dad home party for him.
    He was awarded a Purple Heart also 22 year old.
    Not sure how I drove home at time due to I blank out. I worry family so much now clean up act for what happen.
    If you wonder why IP is same due all use it when together. San Francisco is not big city as people see it. Everybody know each other and share and do things together. We sometime known as the DECREWS all young people together.

  10. HB,
    I will waiting for you at ur doorstep at exactly 12.01AM, 1st of FEB with 2 cases of beer or any alcohol of your choice!
    Merry xmas and Happy new Year.

  11. Bro, it’s up to you to decide if you’ve got a problem. Some people have it, some people don’t. If it’s all good, then all the best, you know? If it gets to the point when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then I reckon you’d best start deciding if that’s rock bottom you just hit and start thinking about scraping at the granite, you know? Heh.
    I’ve listed the info for NA meets at the URL. I reckon AA has their own listing but for me, it’s one program, one disease, one promise, many gifts.
    All of us here have been on the research committee. All of us here have tried to take the easier, softer path.
    One Day at a Time. Easy Does It. One Step at a Time. One is too Many, a Thousand is Never Enough. I know it sounds very much like fucking jingoistic self-help mantras, but if it didn’t work, we wouldn’t keep coming around, bro.
    My opinion? You wanna walk on the wild (road less travelled) side? Come to our meet on Monday at Chow Kitt. Heh-heh-heh. That shit is always a trip.
    I’ll see you around when I see you around, bro. The way it works, there are no coincidences. I just met you a week or so ago in person.
    Take it Easy, Bro. You know our number, use it at your leisure. But make sure the wake-up call don’t turn out to be the get-out knock on the door because you’d done unplugged the phone from your Higher Power. Heh.
    I’ll see you when I see you.
    Best Regards,
    Once a Kaki, always a Kaki. But I can choose now not to have that first drug or a drunk.
    Fuck all. Heh.

  12. The problem about my image on the blog is that people think it’s really me.
    I was sick last night and no one actually believes me.
    I am going to quit drinking in January (not going to drink tonight) but no one believes me.
    I am NOT going out tonight but no one believes me.
    Hear ye, hear ye. I’m going to quit going at the alcohol January 2009.

  13. There’s a new NA meet being set up for this Sunday, 2pm, Changkat Raja Chulan. Closed meet, for peeps with the acknowledged disease of addiction only. If you think you might have a problem wif a little sum-sum and you just wanna hang, that’s cool too. Will post a number once I get a burner cell in a bit. If you’re interested, leave contact details for now, and I’ll holler the exact location l8r.
    If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, we can help. I can’t do it alone, bro, but *we* can.
    In my experience, people who need this program won’t ever get it. You have to want the promises and gifts of recovery.
    I’ll see you when I see you, bro. Had an eye out on Monday at the Chow Kitt NA meet and didn’t see you around.
    Easy Does It.

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