The ULTIMATE vPOST Nuffnang Singapore Party Post

…forget the rest, the best coverage of the event is at


I arrived at DXO at approximately 6 pm.


Camwhored for about 30 minutes…


…and promptly passed out on the couch. This photo was taken by proxy, and most didn’t turn out well coz Eiling is not familiar with my digicam.

vpost tix

I was there in body, but not in spirit. Pun intended.
I’m very sorry Nuffnang!


I was there as Osama bin Laden under custody, which is why I’m wearing the US-issue flak jacket for protection instead of my usual camouflage gear. I was blindfolded and had my hands tied behind my back to boot. The interrogation process quite appalling too and I think they slipped something into my drink…

…which was why I passed out.

I put all blame on the people who took me into custody while en-route to Guatemala Bay. :p

Next up: Food posts from Singapore trip and the bus ride home with the Nuffies.

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