Deep fried Mars bars

chippy british take away

Ah…I can’t think of anything more sinful than this. I’ve first been introduced to deep fried Mars bars in Australia but we heard there’s a place in Singapore that sells it.

deep fried mars bars

It’s not fried Mars bars per se but what they call “Fried Mars Balls”. It’s SGD 3.50 for 4 pieces with your choice of ice cream.

fried mars balls

Of course I chose chocolate ice cream. You just can’t have enough chocolate despite what Solomon said.

fried mars bars

I was rather disappointed with the serving though. It’s Mars and it’s batter fried but it doesn’t beat a whole deep fried Mars bar from a fish and chips shop. It’s just like pickled eggs I reckon, it’s one of those things that only fish and chips places does right.

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28 thoughts on “Deep fried Mars bars”

  1. Deep frying everything came from the IRISH where they serve one of the BEST fried chocolate Bars ever.
    however, we have our own varieties which is by using fruits. if you notice, we tend to deep fried every single fruits/veggie possible.

  2. hey HB. First off, Want to say thanks and glad you are well. 2nd, weell… as guy whose mother is from Bristol ( aye, the nefarious home base of edward teach and walt disney aside, they were no better than those off somilia right now) and my Dads family was from Scottland. kind off.. well let’s let that be, otay. Point is, I love REAL fish and Chips. Deep fried cod or haddok, and the eqivilent of one potatoe, sliced and fried. in tallow. ( beef fat, sorry to my Hindu friends) they called it drippings. But no one ate it every day. most days were pretty mundane. lots of taters, peas , oats, and barley…. lots of barley… ya know.. and that is good, i think— uh oh, here comes the lutheren/ calvinist ( Dad’s) side. many around here( western NC, USA) think you are supposed to have a giant portion of every thing. well, no. enough is plenty. ive actully lost some weight by portion control, still… it state fair time around here … and the worst i ever seen ( and tried) was a cheese burger with the bun made of a krispy creame donnut, dipped in batter,then deep fried. then go get on a ride!! Hell, I love Fried calamri or shrimp, french fries or a juciey thick hamburger, and a fine belgian beer. know what we had last night? canned tuna,( made into salad) sandwich, corn chips out of a bag)and salsa and sunny delight ( orange juice based fruit drink) and tea. peanut butter crackers and milk. and ok, some ice creame bars I’m afraid the QE 2 will sail without out us this time. But we are still pretty damn lucky , ya know … how many you think would care to trade… like in … God Bless, and thanks, HB

  3. well, steak and kidney pie, banger and mash, toad in the hole, spotted dick ( hey, that’s Richard II , ya know) chittlins ( hog intestines), pate foi grass yeah i know, forced goose or duck liver( liver mush)( caviar ( fish eggs) , le escargo ( snails), tripe ( cow or pig stomach). we will not even speak of haggis ( which I like with a wee bit of the jonnie walker) ( a sheeps lungs liver heart, mixed with oatmeal stuffed into its own… well you get the idea? shit gengis khan sounds ok,now. Know what amuses me . proscauttio. air cured dry salted pork ham. Slice it paper thin, wrap it around a .35 slice of cantelope or honeydew melon. and a glass of well ej …. 14.95 its great. but the same persons would not be caught dead chowing down on a raw country ham,no matter how thin I sliced it. I still dont like ground hog though. Esse quam vidieria, HB. Hope your latin is better than mine – ” to be rather than to seem” tom

  4. also, well, to be blunt, chipy has bad conotions superpimosed on the flag of England,Scottland ,Ireland, and Whales.of course, now I know how you feel when some one says _”Oh yeah, been over there”. when they just hit the shore at LAX. Kind of like me. i guess. traveling to traveling to Canada. How is your French? in Alberta or Sk go south of the rio grande? Hable Espanole? humm… the Olyipics? can you imagine the space station? Bless ypu yours

  5. Damn Dirty Angel: Haha! Yeah bro I get what you mean. Not a big fan of desserts since my liver went AWOL and gave me lactose intolerance but I just gotta have fried Mars bars. Not the same as the Aussie ones though. T_T
    thenomadGourmand: Ya the ones in fish and chip shops in Melb is great. FULL COMPLETE MARS BARS DEEP FRIED IN BATTER.
    This is a shadow of it. :S
    God: Yahweh, yeah that’s true. =D
    However, I don’t believe in fried Mars bars BALLS (Kim gave me a hard time about the defination of cubes vs balls).
    Nevertheless, Mars bars should be WHOLE and deep fried. Not balls/cubes. πŸ™‚
    chefmel: It is very pitiful. T_T
    Very small portion but ok la since I wouldn’t want to eat a non-authentic deep fried Mars bar. =D
    xes: Not bad, but for the Real Deal (TM) you have to go to Aussie. Or Scotland which is quite far away. πŸ™‚
    jg: It’s also available in Sibu and Kuching. I’ve had it, not too bad. =D
    tom: Sounds good, my friend…especially the deep fried cod. I love that and deep fried mussels from fish and chip shops. πŸ™‚
    hitomi: Well, I’ve had some good ones from Aussie so that’s the benchmark – this one can’t compare to it. πŸ™‚
    tom: Spotted dick is good stuff! =D

  6. HB, this started in New York City sometime ago in a stand that sold fried food. They started to researched on other food to deep fried. Now in San Francisco it also a rage. Certain places that sold fishs and chips make it.

  7. tom: Reese pieces? Reese’s cups? I love that stuff too, was told to get some back from Singapore for a friend but I couldn’t find any! :S
    ShaolinTiger: Glasgow, haven’t been to Scotland before but it sounds like a very nice place to go to. πŸ™‚
    Michael (Mike): Yeah, a lot of fish and chip places offers deep fried Mars bars now…a standard offering like pickled eggs (which is a bit of an aquired taste). πŸ™‚

  8. hahaha! I recognise that place! Far east right! Go there after school (which is one bus stop away) all the time! I like the wonton mee at grafitti cafe! the mee and friend wonton is so so, but the souppy wonton and soup is the BOOMZ manz!

  9. ceder: Er…I don’t actually know where this mall is. Some Singaporean bloggers led us there. πŸ™‚
    I noticed they have a Shihlin Taiwan Snack franchise there though.

  10. Rei: Hello Rei! πŸ™‚
    Yeah, it’s a bit rich with all the batter and ice cream and Hershey’s syrup topping it all off somemore.
    It was great to meet you all in Singapore! =D

  11. Dylan: Heh! Yeah that was a night to remember (or not coz I can’t remember much after splitting up from you guys). Except house party visit and frog leg porridge. =D

  12. well,the real deep fried mars bar is from Stonehaven,Aberdeenshire,Aberdeen,north part of Scotland,though some say its from Australia but whatever that.having tried a deep fried mars bar from Scotland.I must say its really orgasmic!lol

  13. Andrew: Heh! The one I had was from Australia so that’s the only benchmark I can use against. πŸ™‚
    Yeah, it’s really good stuff eh?

  14. yeah! oh xiaxue’s friend has a raunchy clothes shop there if im not wrong? haha, cough, that place is really near one of the more ‘Prestigious’ girls schools in singapore, so you see a lot of pinafore wearing chicks there. lol

  15. ceder: Really? I don’t know anything about that. Interesting. I don’t know much about Singapore sadly, despite it being our neighbor down south (well, at least now, my neighbor down south back home is Indonesia). πŸ˜‰


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