What defines style?

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Style is something you can just pull off. I think everybody has their own sense of style. You can be wearing anything and if you can pull it off…that’s style!
You don’t have to be wearing designer labels or have a slim/buff figure to be “stylish”.

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Style is all about SELF CONFIDENCE.
I’m wearing this purple outfit today which I would never have bought myself. Heck, I wouldn’t even glance at it twice if I were shopping for myself.

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The stylist chose it for me and I was a bit dubious about wearing it at first but I’ve started to be comfortable with it.
A Very Wise Person (TM) told me this morning (technically last night) that confidence is all that it takes.

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So whether you’re wearing ah pek slippers and a white singlet with holes all over it or the latest from Versace, you have style if you have self confidence.
That’s all it takes really. I think everyone in the photos in the post is the definition of style.

fav promoter

Including me. ;)

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