Image makeover!

chuck bass

Hello, I’m Chuck Bass!

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about that outfit – some said Korean singer, but I prefer Ee Ping’s comment that said I look like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Heh!


There was a makeover session at Tang’s the previous weekend courtesy of Ana Consultancy. I’ve met up with Ana and Catherine before this at Starbucks and I was enlightened by their approach towards image consultancy.


I’ve always been a soap kinda guy but from that first meet, Ana and Catherine measured me, told me what shape I am (trapezoid, if you’re curious) and what I want to achieve. I was told that I can pull off both warm and cold colors but I prefer warm colors. It was quite interesting and educational.

chuck bass pose

The makeover session at TANGS had outfits preselected for us based on what we want. I want to look more professional at work, that was my only goal so my outfits were tailored to that effect. I look young for my age (29 going to 30) but I have no problems with that – it just means I’ll age gracefully. smirk

Anyway, a bunch of us met up at TANGS at the unholy hour of 9:40 am on a Sunday and played dress up to see what looks good on us.


This is Iza! I like her outfits, they look really good on her.


This is the obligatory BEFORE photo. I came with work pants, a cotton shirt (which Ana said will bulk me up), dress socks and shoes. Of course, the Ah Beng t-shirt ruined the effect, but still. πŸ˜‰

me jamie

This is Jamie Liew! (who is 10 years younger than me)


We adjourned for lunch after that – we were all starving. There is a cafe right inside TANGS where we got our food.

familiar faces

Notice some familiar faces? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, after that we went back and chose a variety of other outfits.

michelle me

Here’s a photo I took with vain pot Michelle. I also have other interesting photos of her. smirk


I can’t do a bow tie so Catherine did it for me. Michelle did my ties. FML, I suck at all this.


Ana Consultancy brought in some hairstylists after that and this is me getting my hair done. If you know me in real life, you’ll know that I have a perpetual bad hair day. I found the trick to doing my hair – apparently for hair wax, you need to rub it in between your fingers and then style. I’ve been doing it wrong the entire time!


Here’s the after photo!

unwrap present

Unwrapping the “present” – Jamie. smirk

mijel pose

Doing the Mijel Pose (TM).

jamie chin

I had a lot of fun at TANGS that day and Ana taught me quite a bit of things about image. You know all about the 3 second first impression rule. I’m going to do something about it during important meetings and dates with Jestina. smirk

If you’re interested in image consultancy, feel free to hit Ana Consultancy for more information!


I also did a video interview about the experience. I’ll post it up when I get the link! πŸ™‚

Chuck Bass signing off.


me jamie chin

Oh wait that’s not right. I should be smoking a joint or something. smirk

What defines style?

promoter girls me

Style is something you can just pull off. I think everybody has their own sense of style. You can be wearing anything and if you can pull it off…that’s style!
You don’t have to be wearing designer labels or have a slim/buff figure to be “stylish”.

su ann

Style is all about SELF CONFIDENCE.
I’m wearing this purple outfit today which I would never have bought myself. Heck, I wouldn’t even glance at it twice if I were shopping for myself.

outside window

The stylist chose it for me and I was a bit dubious about wearing it at first but I’ve started to be comfortable with it.
A Very Wise Person (TM) told me this morning (technically last night) that confidence is all that it takes.

melody me

So whether you’re wearing ah pek slippers and a white singlet with holes all over it or the latest from Versace, you have style if you have self confidence.
That’s all it takes really. I think everyone in the photos in the post is the definition of style.

fav promoter

Including me. πŸ˜‰

Task 2: Easy for


Okay, task two is having to interview a shopper in TANGS about their ideas of Fashion & Technology Entwined.
It was rather easy for me since er…I’m a bit used to approaching random strangers. Okay, okay, I mean random strangers OF THE OPPOSITE SEX. :p
It was in and out two minutes for me.

sandra me

This is Sandra. She was with her mom which is not a generally a Good Idea (TM) but I only had 15 minutes to complete the task and I had FAITH (TM) in my capabilities. πŸ˜‰
I just did a quick intro and got her to do a video interview about her thoughts on Fashion & Technology Entwined:

Thanks for being a good sport Sandra!

Are you cool?

tech fashion

Technology and fashion…if you used the two words in the same sentence a decade ago you’ll be hear derisive snorting at best. However, times have changed and technology isn’t the realm of pimply, overweight and socially inept nerds anymore. In fact, the dichotomy has swung like a pendulum to the other extreme.
Technology is cool.
Technology is fashion.
Just look at the masses of corporate workers, college students and entertainment industry people out there who would feel out of place without their high tech cell phones, notebooks and Wi-Fi, tapping, typing and surfing away, during work, study and play.
It has become essential to be seen with the latest and greatest gadgets while out and about. You wouldn’t be caught dead with a 10 year old notebook while surfing at Starbucks right?
You’ll want to be seen with the latest and sleekest machine.
Technology has become an accessory. A fashion statement.


…and I couldn’t be happier, being a total geek back when I was hitting puberty. :p

10 things you should know about the blogathon

1. Eat your meals


12 hours can be quite exhausting, especially if you have to lobby for votes and run around doing tasks. Scarf the food down, we have three meals a day and I eat every single meal coz you’ll need the energy.
2. Interact with the people outside


You need their votes so wave, smile and pose for photos with them. 1 vote is one point so take your time with the people voting for you.
3. Do social profiling
You know who likes you. You know who doesn’t. It’s mostly guesswork but I can figure out which types vote for me and I’ll lobby for their votes by making eye contact and waving the appropriate sign. Then again I’ve been surprised by votes from people who I never even lobbied for so take this with a grain (or shaker) of salt. πŸ˜‰

4. Make use of placecards

generic signs

You can’t be heard inside the window display and you’ll need to communicate with the people outside. Write generic replies and scribble ad hoc ones with a marker when you have to.

5. Use Twitter
Each tweet is worth 1 point, the same amounat as a vote so it’ll be wise to start tweeting about anything and everything. All of us were spamming Twitter with the hashtag. πŸ™‚ 
6. Don’t drink too much water


This goes without saying. We get one (1) toilet break every 3 hours and all other toilet breaks will be deducted at a rate of one point per minute. Hold the water, or your bladder, or even better, both. Just learn to pee real fast. πŸ˜‰
7. Put up signs on your window display

tape signs

This is what they see when they first go to the window display. Tape those signs up! =D
8. Type faster
This is not a PhD dissertation or a presentation to an important client. Speed is the keyword here. It’s a blogathon – go, go, go!
9. Don’t put up too many photos
It takes ages. T_T
10. Be nice to the promoters

promoter vote

They get one vote per day too so you can get them to vote for you!


Thanks girls! Much appreciated. πŸ™‚

Project Overload

Okay, every politician will tell you that lobbying matters.


I noticed that the people who vote for me tend to be predominantly female though.

voter list

That’s why I have place cards.


This environmentally friendly one goes down very well with Caucasians and certain other demographics. I flash it when I think it fits the profile. πŸ˜‰


I have this one that says “I’ve been smiling the ENTIRE DAY! My face hurts. T_T VOTE SIXTHSEAL” stuck to my window display.
(of course you can always spam Twitter since each tweet is 1 point, as is every blog post, comment, and vote, but that’s exploiting the loophole)

gathering votes

Every successful politician will also tell you that image matters. It’s very important to have a good image. My fashion fix experience will require me to cover up all my tattoos as you don’t exactly inspire votes when you look a bit dodgy. :p


You need to really look the part.

vote me

I can’t exactly go around in t-shirt and baggy jeans while smiling out at the aquarium, I mean, window display while appealing for votes. I don’t think that would work very well for me.


That’s why I’m dressed in long sleeves – I’m wearing a jacket today and I’ll be donning a different outfit tomorrow. =D


I’ll be here again on Saturday so come and vote for me!

staff room

Now I know how people of a certain industry who has to smile out of glass aquariums at potential customers feel like.

Task 1: Live Mannequin blogathon 2009

The task for today is to capture photos of the following six keywords (mmm…six) in 30 minutes:

  • Ultra slim
  • Inside
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Long lasting
  • Eye Candy
  • Idea 

Here’s my…er, creative entries. πŸ˜‰
Ultra slim

ultra slim

Nothing is more picture perfect and idealistic than a mannequin. The “ideal proportions” which all XX Chromosomes seek to attain…but isn’t really what guys want. It’s those little imperfections that makes you human and all that more adorable to us. You’re not a mannequin, you’re human.


Nothing says inside like pair of briefs. You show me yours, I’ll show you mine. πŸ˜‰
Fashion & Lifestyle


Nippies! I hear they’re all the rage. I couldn’t figure out whether it’s to give you nipples or conceal your aureoles though. >.<
Long Lasting

long lasting

This one is easy. I headed straight to fragrances and snapped CK Eternity. I have used this one before and sure lasts a long time! I love this eau de toilette.
Eye Candy

eye candy

Upskirt. Need I say more? πŸ˜‰ It’s a mannequin, don’t look at me like that. T_T


Everyone said it couldn’t be done until the Wright brothers went and did it. πŸ™‚

Write or die

toilet break

I’m blogging here at the Live Mannequin blogathon 2009 @ TANGS, Pavilion KL on a Lenovo notebook. This is the notebook that I’m hoping to win so please RT my #bthonkl tweets at @sixthseal so I can garner more points. =D

lenovo notebook

Anyway, this notebook is pretty nifty, it’s running on Windows 7 Enchanced Experience which is exclusive to Lenovo. Certain things run 50% faster which is pretty useful as I’m on Tweetdeck, editing photos with Photoshop, watching YouTube videos (gotta have them Eminem songs) as well has having multiple instances of Internet Explorer running.

nicholas jestina timothy

I’m having a serious case of the post lunch coma right now which is excreberated by a serious lack of sleep last night. You know what I really want my dream notebook to be like?

david michelle karen

Write or Die. I want the keyboard to give me an electrical jolt when I stop typing for 3 seconds so I’ll be able to maintain a proper level of wakefulness while doing blogathons like this. I’m already half asleep. T_T


None of that Kamikaze mode which undos your writing whenever you stop typing though – that’s like…er, suicide. Haha! I just need the electric shock to keep me on my toes and force me to type non-stop. It’s ESSENTIAL FOR BLOGATHONS!!!1111


I’m taking a break from campaigning until the post lunch slump is over. T_T


Good news is I managed to get some votes…especially from people I care about. You know who you are. xoxo

This event was the result of a sponsorship campaign between Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion.

Pimping myself @ Live Mannequin blogathon


Okay, I arrived bright and early to TANGS and got changed into my outfit. This is my wardrobe – it goes “Reserved for blogathon bloggers”.


I’m now officially wearing clothes that cost more than I earn in a month. Heh!


The people from Intel, Lenovo and TANGS are here for a group shot. This event was the result of a sponsorship campaign between Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion.

glass display

We’re now inside the glass window display wearing our outfits. I’m donning the 4k jacket you can see in this post.


Food has been served – a decidedly weird but tasty sandwich made with blueberry jam AND chicken. It’s surprisingly good, especially when you put chips in the sandwich.

eating sandwich

I have to eat real carefully coz of the 4k jacket though. T_T


Okay, I need your help, come to TANGS, Pavilion KL and vote for me. Show me some love, I need it. >.<

Live Mannequin blogathon 2009

4 bloggers stuck in a window display for 24 hours over two days…all in the name of fun!

tangs blogathon booth

Melody here points to where we will be doing our blogathon. It’s exactly where the mannequins will be, except the inanimate ones will be replaced by decidedly more vivacious mannequins (us) for the duration of the Live Mannequin blogathon 2009 at TANGS.


I want to apologize in advance for my noxious farts, which I’m sure you’ll all get to experience firsthand when we’re in that small enclosed space. Oh yes, that is my Sekret Weapon (TM) to winning this contest. Flatulence. Plenty of it.

Who? What? Why? When? Where?
Alright, the Live Mannequin blogathon is happening on the 13-14th of November. We’ll be at TANGS, Pavilion KL from 10 am – 10 pm on Friday and Saturday for 12 hours straight each day.

tangs bloggers

Huai Bin (me), KY, Cheesie, Wern Shen

Don’t worry about spotting us, you’ll see us alright. We’ll be at the place where the window display is. Right in front of the entrance. There’s a reason it’s called “Live Mannequin blogathon”. We’ll literally be sitting there, decked out in TANGS attire, blogging, tweeting and Facebooking.

tangs 5k coat

Talking about TANGS attire, we tried on the outfits earlier this week and let me tell you the one I’m wearing in the photo below costs way more than my one month salary. Heck, the jacket alone is RM 3,899. Must. Be. Careful. With. 4k. Jacket.

tangs clothes

Hot or not? πŸ˜‰

tangs video crew

I’m sitting here, wondering how I’m going to deal with one toilet break every 3 hours. What if I get diarrhea? What if I’m secretly bulimic and need 15 minutes to throw up after every meal? What if I’m a raging heroin addict who needs to get his fix every hour?

Kidding on two counts. No prizes for guessing which.

tangs blogathon filming video

It’ll be a lot of fun though! Food will be delivered into the window display so I can demonstrate my famous speed eating repertoire for all and sunder to see!

There’s also going to be a lot of events for us to participate in so there won’t be a dull moment. I’m actually getting more and more excited as I type.

tangs blogathon girl

Hear ye, hear ye! I’ll be at TANGS this weekend so please come and show your support by voting for me. I really need to win that Intel powered Lenovo notebook coz my primary notebook died. T_T

Oh, and you can also win yourself a Lenovo notebook just by dropping by. Check out the Facebook page for details!

This event was the result of a sponsorship campaign between Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion.

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