Image makeover!

chuck bass

Hello, I’m Chuck Bass!

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about that outfit – some said Korean singer, but I prefer Ee Ping’s comment that said I look like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Heh!


There was a makeover session at Tang’s the previous weekend courtesy of Ana Consultancy. I’ve met up with Ana and Catherine before this at Starbucks and I was enlightened by their approach towards image consultancy.


I’ve always been a soap kinda guy but from that first meet, Ana and Catherine measured me, told me what shape I am (trapezoid, if you’re curious) and what I want to achieve. I was told that I can pull off both warm and cold colors but I prefer warm colors. It was quite interesting and educational.

chuck bass pose

The makeover session at TANGS had outfits preselected for us based on what we want. I want to look more professional at work, that was my only goal so my outfits were tailored to that effect. I look young for my age (29 going to 30) but I have no problems with that – it just means I’ll age gracefully. smirk

Anyway, a bunch of us met up at TANGS at the unholy hour of 9:40 am on a Sunday and played dress up to see what looks good on us.


This is Iza! I like her outfits, they look really good on her.


This is the obligatory BEFORE photo. I came with work pants, a cotton shirt (which Ana said will bulk me up), dress socks and shoes. Of course, the Ah Beng t-shirt ruined the effect, but still. πŸ˜‰

me jamie

This is Jamie Liew! (who is 10 years younger than me)


We adjourned for lunch after that – we were all starving. There is a cafe right inside TANGS where we got our food.

familiar faces

Notice some familiar faces? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, after that we went back and chose a variety of other outfits.

michelle me

Here’s a photo I took with vain pot Michelle. I also have other interesting photos of her. smirk


I can’t do a bow tie so Catherine did it for me. Michelle did my ties. FML, I suck at all this.


Ana Consultancy brought in some hairstylists after that and this is me getting my hair done. If you know me in real life, you’ll know that I have a perpetual bad hair day. I found the trick to doing my hair – apparently for hair wax, you need to rub it in between your fingers and then style. I’ve been doing it wrong the entire time!


Here’s the after photo!

unwrap present

Unwrapping the “present” – Jamie. smirk

mijel pose

Doing the Mijel Pose (TM).

jamie chin

I had a lot of fun at TANGS that day and Ana taught me quite a bit of things about image. You know all about the 3 second first impression rule. I’m going to do something about it during important meetings and dates with Jestina. smirk

If you’re interested in image consultancy, feel free to hit Ana Consultancy for more information!


I also did a video interview about the experience. I’ll post it up when I get the link! πŸ™‚

Chuck Bass signing off.


me jamie chin

Oh wait that’s not right. I should be smoking a joint or something. smirk

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