Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

We were at Semenggoh Wildlife Center to look at Orang Utans (which always reminds me of the way Caucasians pronounce it – orang as in “Oh, the phone just RANG) during the Project Alpha shoot in Kuching. This place is about 40 minutes from Kuching city proper.

orang utans

This looks like Mr. Hussein when he was captured, except his beard hasn’t turned white from fear of Death From Above (TM).

orang utan trees

One thing that I learned from the trip was that orang utans sleep in trees at night. These are tall trees on which they built nests using twigs to avoid pythons and other predators. I wonder how it can support the weight of an orang utan with those slender branches at the very top. That’s a view of their nest – they actually build one every single night to sleep in!

orang utan nest

Perspective: This is how high they build their nests.


We had to walk down a muddy path to the feeding platform. These orang utans are semi-wild, fruits are placed there and the orang utans knows it. However, they will only eat the fruits if they can’t forage food – apparently they also eat stuff like lizards.

feeding platform 

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to see any orang utans…

orang utan

Except this one.

human orang utans

…and a bunch of escaped primates. ;)

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37 Responses to “Orang Utans @ Semenggoh Wildlife Centre”

  1. oh too bad. It was just not your day, or maybe the primates knew the sixthseal was in town [or woods], and they know how beasty sixthseal can be, more than the phyton =)
    I was there 2 years back. I was lucky, there were more than 10 org utans when they fed the org utan at the feeding spot. From the biggest whiteback alpha male, to the smallest and chikiest one. =)

  2. pay to look at them but they are no whre seen…lol

  3. Fleece Master: Yeah, sometimes the orang utans come, sometimes not. They’re semi wild after all. :)
    Feeding time was slightly over already and we didn’t have time to hang around.
    Hey, 10 orang utans, that’s a lucky find. :)
    The guide told us orang utans are heavy and strong and you should not look at them in the eye as they see it as a challenge.
    ah nel: Well, it’s not a garuntee that you’ll see the orang utans. :)
    It’s a reserve after all and they’re in the wild. It was fun nevertheless. Haha!

  4. wow. so i was really lucky to have witness not one but 3/4 during my visit last nov. woots.

  5. We of the white ghost (Gwai Loh) pronounce it as UrRang GerThang….

  6. I have never been to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre.. and I haven’t seen an Orang Utan before :x

  7. ohh!! That’s too bad.. The orang utan don’t always appear during the feeding hours. Out of the many times I’ve been there, I witness once only >:[
    And now only I know about the super high nest stuff!! wow.. *sakai* Anyway, I’m curious as how they managed to get all the way up there & build nest to sleep in, every night!
    LOL!! But the last picha is worth visiting the wildlife centre tho =X

  8. how can u blog so fast!!!

  9. DYMM Tyanku: Sound nice… :)

  10. Dude, the old HB I know would have strategically positioned his pelvic area by the pitcher plant for a Classic Sixthseal pose ™ instead of active cute….you are mellowing down, buddy :)

  11. Dude, the old HB I know would have strategically positioned his pelvic area by the pitcher plant for a Classic Sixthseal pose ™ instead of activing cute….you are mellowing down, buddy :)

  12. lol e is definitely right on that one.

  13. Jacquelyn: Nice! Watching orang utans interacting must be interesting. I hear they’re quite intelligent too. :)
    DYMM Tuanku: Heh! Yeah, you’ve got that down pat. Nice! :)
    ahlost: You’ve not seen an orang utan before? Hey, you know I remember this orang utan from Kuching that smokes and drinks (and will steal cigarettes from you) but the guide insists that there’s none like that.
    I must go Google. Haha! :)
    annna: You’ve been here a lot of times? You should swing by Annah Rais hot springs if you haven’t already. It’s just a small hot spring but you can boil eggs and the temperature is very hot.
    I went there twice with friends – couldn’t find it the first time. :)
    Yeah, I didn’t even know orang utans live in nests!
    aud: I don’t know, I wrote this in about 3 minutes but the resizing of the photos took probably 10. Damn Photoshop. I must learn how to use it properly with keyboard shortcuts and all that. :)
    Eriku: Haha! Yeah I always remember Discovery channel pronouncing it like that. :)
    e: Heh! The statue is damn fragile mate, I’ll have probably broken it if I had climbed up. ;)
    That was a pose we all wanted to do – acting like orang utans. :)
    WEEN: Heh! Wait till my next vacation when I’m with my bros. That would be classic. ;)

  14. WEEN: Yeah, Malaysia is known for church burning and sodomy, that’s probably what the international media thinks of us. Heh!

  15. yaya..been there last half year..
    from Nikel Khor

  16. the last time i’m there was primary 5. Lol.

  17. go to Matang wild life and you will able to see the orang utan
    p/s: should ask refund for the ticket charges ;p

  18. nikel: Did you manage to see any orang utans? :)
    chefmel: Heh! Yeah, I love all those primary school and high school trips? It was so much fun back then eh? :)
    Biscuit factories and stuff like that.
    Roland: Heh! They don’t provide refunds – it is wildlife, they might come out, they might not. It was fun to go there though. :)

  19. In the last picture you guys look as if you’re trying to spell some code or something, a la Y-M-C-A :)

  20. julian: Heh! Yeah, impromptu pose, we all acted like orang utans. :)

  21. Really? Haha last time i watch 1 of the discovery channel and saw Michelle Yeoh with Orang Utan..haha..

  22. Eriku: Oh, I didn’t see that one. Michelle Yeoh with Orang Utans eh? Heh!

  23. haha your hair definitely need a haircut!

  24. I want to be like Orang Utan *LOL*
    Can climb so high up.. Sure no mosquitoes one :D

  25. x’cuse me, Eriku & HB, That was not Orang Utan with Michelle. How dare u insult her HUBBY!!! Please apologise…..
    Btw, who is Michelle???

  26. to to matang wildlife, can see more orang utans.

  27. eiling: I got a haircut! :)
    I have really short hair now.
    ahlost: I’m pretty sure mosquitos can fly higher than you can climb. Haha! =D
    DYMM Tuanku: Heh! Our very own Ipoh export to the world – made famous by the Bond movie, can’t remember which, think it was the one before Tomorrow Never Dies.
    jg: Interesting! There’s one in Indonesia too! :)

  28. i like the escaped primates! LOL.. how cute.. :P

  29. DYMM: Ask mr google… haha
    Huai Bin: Think so, i also not very sure… >.

  30. ciki: Heh! Yeah we were doing the orang utan pose since we didn’t get to see any. :)
    Eriku: Michelle Yeoh, haven’t heard about her in quite a while. :)

  31. No No , i just remember , she was the one who advertise current anlene product on TV. :)

  32. Eriku: Ah, okay, yeah, I remember that ad. :)

  33. Haha finally.. :)

  34. me like the Last picssss
    alot of oranggg dari H-utan

  35. Eriku: Yup! :)
    hitomi: Haha! Yeah. I love the group pic too. :)

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