Jothy's Fish Head Curry Banana Leaf Restaurant

a.k.a. The Worst Fish Head Curry and Banana Leaf Restaurant in the Known Universe

jothys fish head curry banana leaf rice

Jothy’s Fish Head Curry Banana Leaf Restaurant is located in Api Api Center in KK, Sabah and has a lot of impressive stickers on its front window facade, including one that says “as seen in Lonely Planet”, which was the reason we headed there to eat in the first place. I place a certain amount of trust in the Lonely Planet brand.

jothys interior

The first clue that it might not exactly be the best place to eat when we walked in is the underwhelming crowd in the restaurant. We were the only ones there. I swear I could hear crickets chirping.

jothys banana leaf

Their banana leaf rice seems authentic enough…

jothys banana leaf rice

…but the taste did not live up to expectations. I tried every single one of the side serves and found them severely wanting.

jothys curry fish head

Their flagship signature dish – the curry fish head – was tough, overcooked and dry. It’s certainly not “the freshest fish head from the market”.

jothys curry fish head meat

I don’t know what kind of fish this head came from but finding meat is like looking for a needle in a haystack (or insert other cliched analogy here since there are a lot of fish bones in there).

jothys prawn

The fried prawns were not “succulent” as the menu claimed, but tough. I’m also highly doubtful about the “choice fish eggs fried to perfection” description as our fish roe had the same taste and texture of cardboard (not that I’ve ever eaten cardboard – it’s what I imagine cardboard would taste like).

jothys lonely planet

I find this unforgivable in a place known for it’s abundance of seafood. The bill was exorbitant too – the fish head curry alone was RM 50.

jothys herpes

It’s a tourist trap. Avoid it like a bad case of herpes.

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314 thoughts on “Jothy's Fish Head Curry Banana Leaf Restaurant”

  1. Jothy is just picking out someone to blame for their failing business. To be frank, I’ll been to Jothy and the food isn’t really good at all by Malaysian food standard.

    If Jothy has that much of supporters, why is his business isn’t doing good? They blame HB and said his post cause their business to drop? Read between the lines!

    HB’s blog isn’t a top food blog, why would a single post from him can cause a huge drop in business for Jothy?

    @Jothy – if your food is that good, a thousand bad post can’t hurt you, if your food sucks you’ll close shop sooner or later. You are your own worst enemy not HB, in fact you should thank him and improve yourself. First thing first, fire your cook because he is lousy. He’s the one killing you silently not HB.

  2. I wonder if this whole thing had any lasting benefits for Jothy’s? They sure got a lot of publicity… initially.

    But now, I googled the restaurant, and the TripAdvisor result at No.3 aside, and this blog at No.1 (because it probably got a shitload of inbound links after the story broke), everything else is about them suing.

    One bad review isn’t enough to stop me going to a restaurant, but now I won’t even try because I’m scared of being chased out if I take pictures of my food.

    Nice work Jothy’s, you galvanized yourself as a textbook example of the wrong way to respond to a customer’s bad experience sure to be featured in classes like Customer Service 101 and Social Media 101.

  3. It all boils down to personal taste I suppose. I love the fish head curry here and always will be back – I have taken many visitors from overseas, including film makers from around the world and they all raved about the curries! Will definitely be back for more….and more…
    Keep it up, Jothy’s!

  4. LMAO!!! All of the above who lives with herpes shoot you gaogao and they syok by themselves HAHAHA.. STILL you’re the most popular blogger in M’sia!

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