A lot of work…and a vacation!

a lot of work

This is an MSN drawing that Michelle with her gifts of artistic talent (?) scribbled yesterday. Sorry for the lack of updates but there’ll be more travel posts soon coz…


Yup, I’m flying tonight and I’ll be there for 4D/3N. In true sixthseal.com style, I haven’t packed or made hotel reservations yet. I am a firm believer of flying by the seat of my pants.

Catch you on the flipside! I shall eat a lot of balut. smirk

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60 thoughts on “A lot of work…and a vacation!”

  1. Bring a balut for Miss Lim. Make it a gourmet meal, mate. Balut Wellington served with a blue cheese sauce. Not so sure about balut ice cream though.

  2. rocket: I’m not sure you can bring it back. Food items like that is a bit hard for PH. I shall eat it there though – balut and 1 day old. 🙂
    KY: She drew it in seconds! 🙂

  3. dude can you drink 100 shots of Carlsberg beer in shooter glass in 100 minutes?1 shot per minute..you could net yourself RM1800 if you finish it all up..hehe..it’s in ECOBA,PJ trade centre..competition is every monday ,registration fees RM168,limited to 10 person per night…

  4. michellezyenn: It’s awesome artwork. T_T
    ShaolinTiger: Heh! Looks the same to me too! 🙂
    Vicky: Balut is something you should google…awesome stuff. 1 day old as well. Intruiging! 🙂
    yienyien: Yien, I lost my passport but thanks to Sibu I got it back. Post soon k? 🙂
    fresh: T_T
    Can we share alot?
    suhaisweet: Okay.
    Lyn May: I hear it’s an aquaired taste. 🙂
    annna: Next trip! Lost my passport but Sarawak boleh. 🙂
    allwerp: I was planning to go on that. With antidueretics, sure win. 🙂
    ah nel: Kinda, same as Kota Raya stuff but in Manila you get the authentic stuff! 🙂
    Yiling: I didn’t but next time! =D
    eiling: Cheers! Next trip is to LONDON! 🙂
    mike: Nice work bro, you have the same mentality as I do. 🙂

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