Village Park nasi lemak

village park nasi lemak

Village Park Restaurant is reputed to have one of the best nasi lemak in Damansara Uptown. The first time I went was a couple of months ago with some coworkers after a meeting and I was amazed by the fresh-from-the-deep-fryer chicken and the piping hot rice.

village park restaurant

I was determined to go again during my second meeting there. There is a no photography sign but no one was bothered when I took by Sony Cyber-shot TX-5 out and started snapping away.

village park entrance

In fact the proprietor asked me what I’m writing for and was very eager to please when I went to pay the bill, smiling and asking if the food was good. I think the sign is a remant of the past when social media wasn’t quite there yet.

village park awards

I had the Village Park Nasi Lemak Set (RM 15) which offers you beef, sotong, shrimp and a chicken drumstick cooked rendang style along with all the works that good nasi lemak should have – anchovies, peanuts and half a boiled egg. I neglect to mention the cucumbers coz I’m really not a big fan of vegetables.

village park nasi lemak fried chicken

I also couldn’t resist ordering a fried chicken drumstick (RM 4.70) since I had that during my first trip there and it was pure gold.

It seriously doesn’t make any sense to order this amount of food. The chicken drum (rendang version) is huge and there are plenty of side condiments.

village park offerings

I really liked the prawns sambal – it contains un-deshelled prawns (which I eat wholesale anyway FML) and has a sweet finish.

The beef was a bit too tough for my tastes but some portions was very tender with lots of…er, tendons, so to speak. I love tendons. I have a weird taste for bone marrow and other stuff that has that elusive umami factor.

The sotong sambal was very good as well, spicy with the chewiness of fresh squid.

village park milo dinosaur

Wash it down with their signature Our Special Iced Milo Dinosaur (which is ice blended and comes in a more-than-generous, and dare I say it wasteful concoction full of heaped Milo powder that makes this local Frappuccino a great energy boost) for RM 5.20.

village park fried chicken

The best thing about Village Park nasi lemak is more than the sum of its parts – is it the piping hot santan infused rice? The crispy anchovies and crunchy peanuts? The oh-so-delicious-but-sinful fried chicken? It’s more than that – it’s the entire package.

Needless to say, it comes highly recommended from me. I’ve only had it twice and I’m craving for it already. A lot of places serve cold or semi-warm rice in nasi lemak (a pet peeve of mine) but this one serves it piping hot – just the way it should be. Do ask for extra sambal – it’s their forte.

village park nasi lemak set

It’s guaranteed to induce a post lunch coma. My stomach nearly exploded from the sheer amount of pure win!

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79 thoughts on “Village Park nasi lemak”

  1. HB, your foods entries drove everybody crazy in San Francisco for it so good looking. Make all want to get some but no where in states. The fried chicken looked like chinese one with soy sauce and other seasonings. Yummy.

  2. Vickie: Thanks Vickie! 🙂
    Well, it’s not Chinese, it’s Malay. Nasi lemak is a local dish in Malaysia.
    I love it to bits, the good ones are great!
    The best ones has awesome condiments like clams in sambal and all that.
    This outlet has the chicken and sambal and hot rice going for it.
    It can be VERY VERY packed during lunch though from the Deloitte people. 🙂

  3. Jacquelyn: It’s very good stuff! One of the best nasi lemak I’ve had outside the (defunct?) stall that used to be at my previous previous condo (Dataran Prima). This one is as good as Nasi Lemak Ganja and Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa if not better. 🙂

  4. Very correctly described! Thank gawd this time I am beyond full when I am reading this entry. You can also ask for the crispy thing from the fried chicked and they will give it generously! =D

  5. how price of food sky rockets since I was last in M’sia. $15 for a nasi lemak???
    alas, things are so expensive these days. how do you do it bro? do you make 10,000 a month? is your father Li Ka Shing?

  6. Village Park nasi lemak ftw! It used to be within walking distance of my workplace, so it was a frequent lunch spot for us. You didn’t get a pic of the fried drumstick ‘factory’ where they mass produce that stuff? 😀

  7. ShaolinTiger: Yeah, I think it’s coz of the area – lots of offices around. It’s like Pusat Bandar Damansara too. Average lunch would cost RM 8-10. :S
    Kok Hsien: The only other good nasi lemak I know is the van below Dataran Prima. The trick is to go as soon as it arrives or the rice will get cold. I don’t live there anymore though. 🙁
    e: It’s coz I’m lazy to peel it. Heh! We’re the same bro. Besides, you eat the entire prawn in that kueh thing anyway. 🙂
    kom: Cheers! 🙂
    Michelle Chin: Ya you have to try it, it’s pretty damn good. Parking is always a problem but there is underground parking if you don’t mind walking a bit. 🙂
    gypsy-on-the-move: Thanks! 🙂
    Oh, I love that stuff. I’ll ask for it next time I go. The extra sambal is super generous too.
    That’s what I love about this place…but unfortunately it’s quite far from my workplace so I only go if there is a meeting which finishes at lunch. :S
    rocket: Heh! It’s just a bit expensive with the works. If you want normal nasi lemak it’s still RM 1 at most stalls. However, if you get the works even at most stalls (clams, sotong, drumstick etc) it’ll come up to around RM 8. 🙂
    Well, I try to keep my lunch bill between RM 8-10, that’s the going price at my office.
    KY: I got a PDRM saman during this post. I illegal parked coz I thought I was late for a meeting and reused the ticket for lunch. Haha!
    There is plenty of parking in the office buildings – Uptown 2 and Uptown 5. Don’t know if it’s open weekends though. 🙂
    dogbone: There’s a factory? Okay, I must see it the next time? Where is it? Kitchen?
    The place was so full it’s hard to take pictures. A lot of big corporations there – Deloitte etc and the place is always pakced during lunch. :S
    Dheepan: Me too. 🙁
    I am craving for this now. How I wish I can get my hands on it. :S

  8. wah, looks REALLY good! But if eaten for lunch, post lunch coma is definitely coming up next. i usually try to eat as little as possible for lunch or I’ll just skip lunch to avoid the coma 😛

  9. Jeff: Text me at 016 888 2069. I’m free weekends, except this Saturday night. Hey, let’s catch up k? Friday night would be good. 🙂
    Where are you staying?
    chefmel: Yeah, it tastes REALLY good too. 🙂
    …but I ordered a bit too much was a sleepy after that. T_T
    Oh, I don’t eat breakfast, I eat a heavy lunch and either a simple dinner or a large dinner. Very unhealthy. 🙁

  10. walao first pic really making me crazy! If i ever get my hands on nasi lemak again, i will order every single sides they have and just eat till i die.

  11. chris: HAHA! I understand how you feel. It’s really good stuff. I’m not a big fan of normal nasi lemak but the ones with all the toppings…delicious! 🙂

  12. HB, I always love nasi lemak, the one i love outside my house just quit selling n i didn’t know where to get a good one anymore. Thanks for sharing! im gonna try it next week together with the ice Milo!! hehehe.. yum~ Yum~

  13. Ah… I miss nasi lemak. When my sister was in Setapak, I would go there at least twice a month. Everytime, I will get the hot piping nasi lemak with all kinds of sides. It cost less than RM6 for the plate you showed!

  14. omg… haha.. my brother was just talking about this yesterday.. haha.. only been once and after last night’s discussion.. was craving to go there again! haha.. 😛

  15. Oh I see, the extras that you ordered. Well, a good meal is certainly worth paying for.
    I never had a good nasi lemak, ergo, I loss interest in this dish.
    Hey, you still owe me a picture from Fraser Hills. Who is the mystery girl?

  16. polly: Yeah, this is REALLY good nasi lemak, you should check it out. 🙂
    The fried chicken is highly recommended! 🙂
    fish fish: Yeah I guess the price is different in different places. Office areas with high concentrations tend to cost more. :S
    The drumstick rendang is HUGE though. 🙂
    liyen: Heh! Yeah, I’m craving for this again too, unfortunate that it’s so far away from the office. 🙁
    Is it open at night? 🙂
    rocket: Yup, I went for their signature set which costs RM 15, don’t know why it’s their signature though coz I think the fried chicken is pure gold.
    Ya, will get it posted up on Friday! 🙂

  17. I am not visiting this blog anymore when i’m hungry. Damn, you just made me realize how much I miss Malaysian food. I am cursing as I’m commenting on this subject matter. I haven’t been back home for 8 years, and maybe it is time for me to come back to good ol Malay-only sia, and pay a visit to all your food-review sites.

  18. aaron ong: This is one of the two nasi lemak places I REALLY love. I like hot nasi lemak with all the trimmings. Come visit when you come back. 🙂
    nikel: I just ate so I’m lucky. Or I’ll be craving too. 😉
    Chee Wee: Hey sorry to hear that bro, glad to hear you have a new blog up and running! 🙂
    Simon Seow: I don’t know if it’s open at night but I think it’s open weekends. You can check. 🙂

  19. Grew up a Damansara boy, always ate Village Park Nasi Lemak for lunch after school. One of the best I ever tasted, not to mention the friendly people running the place.
    Goddddddddd, how I miss nasi lemak heaps! 🙁

  20. not a factory per se, but the way they do it almost seems assembly line-like, lol. it’s right up front by the chap farn counter, where there’s just one dude, a cleaver, and like 50 million fried chicken drumsticks. of all the boring jobs in this world… that one’s gotta rank pretty high.

  21. Marlboro Guy: Yeah, it is indeed VERY, VERY good nasi lemak. 🙂
    Wow, it has been operating for that long? I thought it was relatively new. 🙂
    dogbone: Oh ya, I saw that and took a photo of it but didn’t post it up. I have a friend in Aussie who works at KFC. He deep fries chicken like nobody’s business – his secret is meth (of all things). 🙂

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  23. eiling: It’s not breakfast, it’s lunch! =D
    …and it’s seriously awesome, you must try the deep fried chicken! 🙂

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