Rai Leh Rendezvous


How do I even begin to describe this epic adventure?

railey longboat

We just checked into our hotel in Ao Nang and decided to head down to Railey East at about 7 pm since I read that there’s algae there which glows brilliant blue in the night. The bioluminescence is supposed to surround your body in “a million tiny blue lights” so we headed down despite the longboat telling us that we HAD to get back at 8 pm coz that’s when the last boat departs.

railey travel

I reckon we could just pay any longboat operators hanging around to get us back at 12 am. We were going to Wing It ™ in the true spirit of ADVENTURE! =D

The trip to get into the longboat sounded the death toll for my Blackberry. To reach the longboats, you have to wade through waist high water and I wanted to Twitpic everything since I didn’t pay RM 38 for BIS international roaming for nothing. Unfortunately, everything got wet, including my friend’s bag and my Blackberry.

railey beach

That’s okay we’re still going to enjoy the glowing algae! By the time we got there it was nearly dark and we were starving so we ordered food at the incredibly over-commercialized island. There are bars right on the beach and food stalls which were predominantly dominated by Caucasians.

railey food

We jumped into the water after that and went for a swim towards the elusive bioluminecent algae.

It was nowhere to be found.

I don’t know if it’s coz of the rain (we were thoroughly soaked) or the rocky seas but the algae just wasn’t there.

We finally gave up trying and decided to create our own creature instead – The Beast With Two Backs ™.

beast with two backs

Trying to do that while in that weather is nigh impossible. The waves kept pushing us inland, the rocks lying under the beach kept cutting us, and I lost my fucking underwear.

* Watching this video is discouraged – you can’t see jackshit from the darkness

We finally gave up and just went back to the beach. No longboats in sight.

We walked to Railey East. Nope, no longboats either. We walked back to Railey West and a kind dude manning a tattoo place with dreadlocks said we could try taking the employee only longboat back – it departs at 10:30 pm.

railey smoke

* The soaked cigarette is still smokable, just a bit…watered down smirk

However, there was no guarantee that we can actually get on the boat and it doesn’t stop in Ao Nang so we’ll have to take ANOTHER taxi from there.

We walked back to Railey East to play Spot The Longboat Operator ™. I reckon the game would have been fun if we were not thoroughly drenched, with no cell phones (my friend left hers at our hotel in Ao Nang and my BB died a watery death).


* The rock that thwarted our intimacy

I think we must have walked back and forth from Rai Leh East beach and Rai Leh West beach at least 7 times in vain before the same dread locked guy told us that it’ll probably would be easier just to stay here.

diamond cove resort

There are several problems though:

  • I don’t have a cell phone (my BB died in the rain and waist deep water while getting on the longboat)
  • We were both drenched with no towels and no change of clothes
  • I lost my fucking underwear to the tides of Rai Leh
  • My digicam (which is thankfully waterproof) is running very low on battery since it hasn’t been charged since I got here
  • We have to go to Phi Phi Islands the next day
  • I left my medication in Ao Nang FML max

Finally, we were so exhausted, wet and bearing cuts from our attempts to recreate the cocktail Sex On The Beach (or Sex In The Sea rather) that we just decided to stay on Railey. There’s a hotel called Diamond Cave Resort which goes from 2000-3000 baht (RM 200-300) per night but since is low season we managed to get a rate of 500 baht (RM 50) – a tip from the dread locked dude again.

railey strip

Thankfully we had a bottle of vodka with us or else I’ll have withdrawal symptoms from the lack of GABA agonists (clue to what meds I’m taking LEGITIMATELY) – no need for a degree in particle physics for that.

We were a bit concerned about missing the boat to Phi Phi Islands the next day but we woke up super early.

I had wrung my clothes and left them to dry at the balcony but it still wasn’t dry.

It was an adventure indeed – one we dub the Rai Leh Rendezvous.

railey hotel

One thing about hotels in Krabi though – they’re very big on animals as towels. smirk

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77 thoughts on “Rai Leh Rendezvous”

  1. Fun stuff. I know the feeling of not having you medicine on you. I still take subutext as a hangover from my oxycodone and heroin habit. One day o hope to get off it though. Glad you had fun. You must be a pain to hang with if one of the most important things is your digicam running outta batteries

  2. U r the man..bro. I suppose every living male in the planet do in a sense wish to have this sort of “adventure”………….i mean the losing undies part

  3. Nick: Heh! It’s supposed to be one of the attractions there – the blue algae that glows at night. 🙂
    Mike: Haha! No I’m not taking opiates. Oh, that’s coz the next day is Phi Phi Islands and one of my main things, if not #1, is to do cliff diving at Tonsai. 🙂
    Anonymous: Nah, she had hers intact. The tides decided to take mine instead. 🙁
    charles: In hindsight, the getting lost in Railey part was a lot of fun too. Not then, but with 20/20 vision. 🙂

  4. dude, that’s so funny. The wave stole your jocks. but it was good attempt to nook in the waves, i hear it’s very good.
    And pretty good deal on the bangalow including the towel swans.

  5. rocket: No it’s not fun at all – the waves makes it impossible to do it. 🙂
    The waves comes in, pushing you towards the beach and wash out, pushing you out, and you don’t have traction from the sand.
    Yup, it was during low season so we managed to get it at 500 baht but it’s usually 2000-3000 baht. 🙂

  6. You might have to wait till the tide has gone all the way to the top.
    And here’s a tip, if you wear your jocks on your head, it won’t get washed away.

  7. fresh: Heh! Yeah it was, fun too in hindsight. 🙂
    Crap typo there. What is the world coming to when Fresh corrects me on cocktail names? T_T
    I’m going to change it now! =D
    rocket: HAHAHA! That’s an idiotic tip mate. 🙂

  8. Z: Heh! No the beach attempt was before we realized there were no boats home. 🙂
    There’s seriously nothing to freak out over, lots of accomodation in Railey. 🙂

  9. Seriously, where else can you hang it onto? Both hands are busy and your legs are under water. The head is not doing anything, so hang it there.

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