67 thoughts on “I’m a snake”

  1. Lion: I don’t believe in sunblock. Men generally don’t. ;)
    Nah, the tattoo doesn’t hurt at all, trust me. :)
    Thanks Lion! You have a great weekend too!
    Nick: Heh! That’s a good way of going about it. :)
    June: It doesn’t hurt seriously. It’s dead skin – it’s supposed to peel off. I just had the help of manual peeling and scrubs. :)

  2. Oh hell, you have any trouble sleeping with that at all? Nice tatt btw, may be religious to you but to me it brings The Boondock Saints to mind! Heheh.

  3. dogbone: Nope, it doesn’t hurt that much surprisingly. It is itchy though.
    Heh! It’s not religious per se.
    Yes, Boondock Saints, one of my favorite movies too. :)
    Simon Seow: Nope, it doesn’t even return to my normal skin color. It takes a bit of time, I think. :)
    eiling: Yeah we were shooting for something. :)

  4. Don’t waste the skin flakes. Use them to sprinkle on top of your pancakes or okonomiyaki, just like bonito shavings. Haha..I know I’m gross.LOL!
    Have a nice day. :)

  5. how does this work? you drop your shirts and chicks rub your back. Are you a voodoo master or something? I am so envious, he he he

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