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Greetings from London! Yes, I am still here, hanging around and catching several theatre shows I’ve wanted to see. I’ll be heading to Tsibili, Georgia the day after (Friday) for my primary destination, although it seems like I’ve spent more time in London than anywhere. -_-”

Georgia has been in the news quite a bit lately (on BBC anyway) and it seems like it’s going to be an interesting trip!

priscilla musical

Anyway, I should be heading around but have been tempted with getting a dose of culture in the city. I’ve seen Wicked (awesome), Billy Elliot (not my thing), Oliver! (nice, and a good thing I catched it before it finishes its run) and my favorite – Chicago! =D

All theatre tickets kindly paid for by the betting centers around here. πŸ˜‰ I’m totally serious, I go out everyday and hit the Roulette machines after breakfast and won EVERY FUCKING SINGLE DAY.

bet and win

Nothing big, mind, about 100 pounds per day average, was satisfied with 50 pounds once but it’s 100 pounds is my target. It’s been paying for my expenses, so what the hell. smirk

I’ve also found this place which serves awesome fish and chips. Fish anyway. I have never thought that there would be huge differences in fish and chips, it being a simple dish and all, but there is. The chips are nothing to write home about, but their beer batter fried cod is to die for – crispy on the outside and the tender flesh just about melts in your mouth.

cod and chips


Anyway, I haven’t figured out where to go after I come back from Georgia yet, but I’ll need one last day here to go shopping for clothes.

It’s the post-festive season now so there are discounts galore. VAT is going to increase to 20% from 17.5% in 2011 and that’s another factor outlets are having insane sales too. I’m going to pick up a couple of pieces of attire – Chinese New Year is coming up (yeah, am old skool that way :p) and designer brands here are surprisingly cheap.

jesus ultrasound

It’ll have to be on the very last day though coz I don’t want to be lugging bags of clothes around, slowing me down. It’s pretty rainy right about now, and I saw some fluffy snow flakes falling down a couple of days ago and the forecast says it’s going to snow on Friday.

Anyway, till next time…Huai Bin, signing off. =D

Posted: 12:53 London time (GMT +0)

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14 thoughts on “Updates from London”

  1. am a reader of ur blog…kinda tempting to meet up and get to say hi since u’re here. nah, since im so up in midlands. enjoy your trip!

    • Hello! Too bad then, shall meet up next time when I expand the place I visit. Was planning to head up to Scotland and Wales at one point. πŸ™‚

  2. Damn dude Georgia of all places! I can’t wait to hear about it! I don’t really know too much about what life is like in that country and I think it’s great you’re traveling somewhere off the beaten path.

    • Thanks bro! Yeah, that’s what attracted me too! It’s really off the beaten path, get a trailblazer high when I go through it but yeah clearing customs really took a long time. After that it was all good. πŸ™‚

      It would have been better if I could speak Russian but solved that problem after a bit. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, the exchange rate surprisingly lower than when I went over! Sales are everywhere too not just coz of post holiday but VAT increase.

      Thanks Eiling! πŸ™‚

      See ya when I get back!

  3. Those chips aren’t anything to write home about because they aren’t even chips, they look more like fries.

    Pubs/restaurants never serve good fish and chips, you HAVE to go to a fish and chip shop and get it wrapped in paper.

    Look for one that’s super busy, add in mushy peas and a pickled egg – then grab an ice cold 500ml can of beer from the off license. Can’t beat that

    • Yeah, they’re not proper chips like in other fish and chip places. :S

      I had one that’s really good, I can’t remember exactly where it is but it’s within walking distance of Victoria train station.

      I love pickled eggs too!

      Nice combo bro!


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