KL hand sign

kl lorraine

KL represent! This was inspired by a New York (NY) gesture that I saw a skater throw and I suddenly got an inspiration to do one for KL while we had drinks over the weekend. Lorraine (second from right) said that the L part of KL is terbalik (upside down) and she told me to invert it and took this photo on her BB:

KL handsign

Lorraine’s KL sign.

Which one do you think looks better? The first “inverted” one or the second one?

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13 thoughts on “KL hand sign”

    • The first one is made with an inverted “L” – you will see it as _|

      …while the second one you’ll see it as L.

      However, it does look somewhat like an E. I’ll work on it Michelle. :D

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