10 Commandments of White Beach

10 commandments boracay

This is definitely not on any official tourist map but I chanced across it while walking around Point 1 at White Beach in Boracay.

I doubt it’s the original stone tablets handed down to Moses though. Wrong language for that epoch and it’s riddled with spelling mistakes. Heh.

I love this photo though, it’s always the unexpected find that’s the most satisfying. :)

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7 thoughts on “10 Commandments of White Beach

    • Haha! Yeah I was kidding about that bit.

      Hey, its turns out that this 10 commandments is a feature of most beaches in the Philippines!

      I’m amazed, it’s a staunch Catholic country, but I didn’t know how much.

      Cheers Ciana! :)

    • Heh! Not to mention that the language is completely wrong for the Hebrews at that time. :)

      Yeah, I thought it was too. :D

      Someone told me that this is a regular fixture of most beaches in the Philippines though, due to their strong Catholic roots.

      I also saw churches being politically active about a RH bill while I was there. It’s amazing, their culture. I love it!

      Cheers ciki! :)

    • Thanks! :)

      Yeah, the Philippines has VERY STRONG Catholic roots, most of their population is Catholic, due to it’s heritage.

      They had a reproductive health bill (RH bill) that the churches didn’t want to pass (coz it involves contraception – something which the Roman Catholic church does not believe in) and Intramuros was covered with banners protesting it at the major churches.

      I personally don’t think religion and politics should mix but then again it always does. :)

      Cheers Fish! :D

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