Lobster ravioli with whole American lobster

Lobster ravioli with whole American lobster

This is what we cooked up for last night’s dinner. It looks real good eh? That’s a whole boiled Maine lobster (which is technically called an American lobster) served with lobster ravioli in brown butter sauce.

Boston Lobster

I wish I could say that I cooked the lobster and it originally came like this.

It did not.

Atlantis Lobster

The lobster came like this. smirk

Haha! It’s a whole cooked American lobster packaged by the huge Atlantis-IMF conglomerate. It came from the US and it’s frozen. The entire lobster cost RM 49.50. I hear that lobsters are getting cheaper nowadays coz the sea temperatures are rising, which makes the crustaceans hatch earlier and grow faster. Also, the overfishing of cod in the Atlantic means there are fewer natural predators to eat baby lobsters.

American Lobster

That means you can get lobsters at a pretty decent price nowadays, which explains why large F&B chains can offer it at RM 50 or so for a whole lobster, dine-in. That’s where the first lobster photo came from.

Three Bridges Lobster Ravioli

The ravioli is also store-bought. It’s made by Three Bridges and comes in a 9 oz (255 gram) pack. It’s just RM 34, made in California and described as 100% natural with “wild caught, North Atlantic lobster with creamy ricotta and vine-ripened tomatoes”.

You just need to boil it for 5 minutes.

Brown Butter Sauce

The only thing I made is the brown butter sauce, with lots of French origin butter and Himalayan pink salt.

Lobster Ravioli

There’s something to be said about just cooking something easy during a weekend. This seems to be a popular brand of lobster ravioli too, there was a lone Caucasian woman who took a few packs, presumably to eat something familiar at home. It tasted yummy though, both of us enjoyed the meal tremendously.

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28 thoughts on “Lobster ravioli with whole American lobster”

    • Yeah, the lobsters are awesome! :)

      We went to pasar pagi today and saw someone buying 15 slipper lobsters! It cost RM 77 only, so around RM 5 per lobster. That’s amazing prices, too bad the guy bought them all, sapu the whole stock.

  1. Can’t get those ravioli here or I surely would grab for my girl to take to her school in the jungle in the hope that she would cook and eat. Always so serious in her work, works so hard till she is too tired to cook and ends up having a cereal drink…and maybe some biscuits. That is why every weekend home, it is feeding and fattening time! :(

    She loves pasta and that may induce her to want to cook and eat while she is there. Sighhhh!!!!

    • It’s surprisingly good! :)

      A bit too salty though, but these are made for American tastes. I noticed that American food are always saltier and American candy always sweeter (and not in a good way, more HFCS). I prefer Australian and EU/UK ones. Yeah, there’s a lot of choices here, coz this place stocks imports.

  2. I also think it is a luxurious meal at the comfort of your own home, very nice! How did you cook the frozen lobster? Just throw it straight from the freezer into boiling water for how long? Can you taste lobster meat in the ravioli?

    • The frozen lobster is already cooked! :)

      It’s boiled and then frozen so it’s ready to eat. I ate it without problems, although sometimes shrimp/prawns done like this can give someone stomach ache. I had explosive diarrhoea when I ate it in Melbourne, not long after I started blogging:


      I just thawed the lobster and ate it like that. That’s how we eat it in Australia too, usually not cooked per se, just boiled and shocked in ice water and served cold like this. Yup, can but the ravioli is very salty.

  3. That is indeed such luxurious food at home. It never occured to me to purchase a frozen lobster and cook at home. Well, maybe because I’m not into cooking that’s why. But it’s so nice to be able to dine like this in the comfort of your own home :)

  4. I have never eaten lobsters before, even in New Zealand, due to its exorbitant price tag and me not knowing how to cook them before.

    I’ve to start searching for those lobster raviolis over here; haven’t seen it in Coles just yet.

    If you didn’t mention that it’s done at home, I’d have thought that it was from a luxurious 5-star fine dining restaurant. ^^

    • Yeah, they’re quite expensive everywhere!

      It’s now cheaper though, apparently due to a number of factors like overfishing of predator species and overall warming climate. I remember eating crayfish in New Zealand (refers to both spiny lobsters and slipper lobsters, depending on region) and they were quite expensive too, at least in early 90’s prices.

      Haha! Yeah, I just wanted to whip up something simple that’s nice to eat during the weekends.

      • They were selling the lobsters for around NZD$120+ per kilo in the Asian fish market, which was one of the main reasons I haven’t sampled that member of the crustacean family. (Not sure about the pricing here, though.)

        I guess it’s the work of more supply than demand as well?

        • Yeah, I think that the quality of the lobsters have a lot to do with it too. :)

          Lobsters in Australia isn’t cheap either but those are good spiny lobsters which has a lot of meat inside. American lobsters don’t have a lot of meat, it’s only in the tail and claws so sometimes it’s cheaper especially when it’s imported in bulk. Generally in Malaysia, slipper lobsters are cheaper though, these are the same species as the Moreton Bay Bug.

    • Yeah, that’s the beauty (and curse) of processed foods. :)

      It’s a lot simpler to prepare meals but they’re not in-season item and fruits and vegetables are bred for convenience instead of taste.

    • Yeah, it was a good sized lobster! :)

      However, American lobsters generally don’t have a lot of meat. Spiny lobsters have 2-3 times the meat of American lobsters, you can only eat the tail end and claws but spiny lobsters have a huge body full of meat too.

    • Yeah, it seems that the prices for lobsters have dropped! :)

      There are several factors for that, overfishing of predators and warmer weather, even chains like MFM is selling whole lobsters for around RM 50 dine-in too.

  5. HB, with Valentine around the corner I would to have special dinner my One and Only . This menu sound great and I will make own chocolate truffles and cream puffs for desserts.

    • No reason, we just wanted to have something nice to eat. :)

      We were shopping and saw it and decided to get the easy to cook items, it cost the same as if we were eating at a cafe/restaurant anyway.

    • The lobster was already cooked though! :)

      I just defrosted it. Haha. It’s still nice to eat though, I always like to eat lobster like this e.g. cooked in hot salt water and shocked in ice water and served cold.

    • Hello Peter! :)

      I got it from BIG (Ben’s Independent Grocer) in Publika, KL. They have this in their frozen seafood section. I believe Village Grocer carries the same product too.

    • Yup, I got it from BIG in Publika! :)

      I think Village Grocer carries this brand too, and Cold Storage used to as well (before the advent of the higher end groceries which made them carry less imports). It’s pretty decent but generally American lobster doesn’t have as much meat as spiny lobster. Spiny lobster has A LOT more edible flesh, maybe up to 3x more but no claws.

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