Fresh Kaki (Fresh Feet) for sale @ RM 5 each

fresh kaki

People with a foot fetish rejoice! Fresh kaki (kaki means feet in BM) is available for your licking, sucking, caressing, and worshipping pleasure for only RM 5!

fresh kaki pair

I sampled a pair of fresh kaki and it still has a nice pungent smell and tasted great!

fresh kaki inside

The sole of the feet is tender and pliable…

fresh kaki front

…while the ridge of the feet is rough, with bits of moss attached to it from a hard day’s work.

fresh kaki akira sushi

Fresh Kaki – Only at Akira Sushi!

Alright freaks, if that turned you on, you’re at the wrong site. πŸ˜‰


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