ISDN, Sat connections and ADSL


I just moved from Kelana Jaya to the Bangsar area and switched my Streamyx broadband to the place over here. I’ve had a lot of questions about why I did that. I don’t know why but a lot of people think Streamyx is passé now with all the new nifty players on the market.

However, for me (and others) it is still the most reliable broadband provider. I’m not just saying that coz this is an advertorial – this was one I accepted coz it really reflects my feelings. I started out with TM dialup (1515 anyone?) coz I’m old (skool) and as soon as Streamyx was available, I just jumped on it.

I was even considering stuff like satellite connections coz it hasn’t rolled out in Sibu back then. I was a real geek back in the days (probably still am, just in a different arena) and thought  it would be worth it to get a sat connection (great downlink, but uplink is slow coz it runs on dialup). ISDN was also an option but PROHIBITIVELY expensive back in the days.

It was something of a godsend when Streamyx came into the scene. It’s why I’m still using it…and will continue to use it. I’m just loyal like that ya. 😉

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