I was awakened from my slumber last night at around midnight by an infernal racket at my front gate and proceeded to investigate the source of these peculiar noises. Faye had come, and told me to wait in my room while she took care of something. I did not particularly suspect something amiss since she has a habit of dropping in at odd hours of the day. Thus, it was to my (pleasant) surprise when she switched off the lights and paraded into my room singing a rendition of Happy Birthday and carrying cake with a lit candle on it.

birthday cake

She had brought a slice of rich chocolate cake (my favorite) and coffee cheesecake to celebrate my 27th birthday. I have to work the next day (we work half day Saturdays) so my actual birthday celebration was meant to be tonight.


Thus, with several bottles of booz (apple and blackcurrant flavored alcopops) that she brought, we had a quiet pre-celebration celebration in my room. I am officially old…


…and strangely touched. :p

Thanks to Katherine, Chiew Keing, and Francine who sent me birthday wishes right after midnight. You guys are the best!

I think it’s going to be a good year. πŸ™‚

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