Air Asia’s Snack Attack – Chicken Congee

air asia kl

I managed to sample Air Asia’s onboard cuisine (which is an opt in
menu that you pay for) when I took the AK 0340 flight from KLIA to Sibu
yesterday. I had been staring blankly at the seat in front of me for
the past 40 minutes or so and one of the cabin crew went “Sir, would
you like anything to eat or drink?” I was rather scattered so I went
“What was that?” and she repeated her first statement and I thought
yeah, some food would do me good so I asked what they have on their
menu. I couldn’t make out anything from the food choices she spieled
out but I heard “(something) chicken” so I said “Yeah, I’ll have that
chicken thing.”

snack attack chicken congee

It turned out to be chicken congee. “Congee”, of course, is just a
word people use instead of “porridge” to be pretentious. πŸ˜‰ Anyway,
this was called Snack Attack Chicken Congee and cost RM 5. Upon further
inspection I noticed that:

food exclusively air asia

It was made exclusively for Air Asia.

air asia chicken congee

The chicken porridge was in a polyester (?) tub which was quite big
and deep. It looks like one of those premium ramen containers, one of
the larger ones, but not the super premium huge ones. It didn’t look
like much, but add some salt and pepper:

air asia food

and it tasted pretty good actually. That is saying something,
considering I wasn’t hungry at that time, but it could be the salt and
pepper that made me think it was better than it actually was.
Nevertheless, the portions are generous and the ingredients are

porridge chicken pieces

The chicken congee contains relatively large chicken chunks, mushrooms, and some other things I couldn’t readily identify.

sibu customs

I arrived in Sibu and breezed through the typically lax (practically
non existent) customs. Excuse the guy that got into the shot.

sibu airport sars check

There was a booth before the exit with several doctors checking
people without Malaysian identification papers for SARS before the exit
though. Oops…this shouldn’t have been in a post about food should it?
My apologies. Heh.

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