There is no such thing as a non-drowsy antihistamine!

carinox non drowsy

All antihistamines produce a slight hypnotic effect, which I don’t
feel, and all benzodiazepine dependant people won’t as well, due to the
stronger benzodiazepine hypnotic qualities. The “non-drowsy”
antihistamines are all packed with a mild stimulant, in most cases,
pseudoephedrine or caffeine to counter the slight hypnotic effects of

carinox back

Well, this is Carinox, which contains Loratadine 5 mg and
Pseudoephedrine Sulphate 120 mg (!) per capsule. It’s certainly not
recreational, but there’s a flu bug going around the office and I came
in sneezing, as did most of my co-workers and I got a runny nose, which
I really hate, coz it makes me irritable when I do my work.

carinox working

Thus, I popped over to the nearby pharmacy and got some
antihistamines to dry up my nasal passages. I took three and I can feel
it working already. Back to work. πŸ™‚

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