Banana honey dip

smile banana store

Banana honey dip is a snack from Thailand – it was featured in the
Thai Fair at a local supermarket lately. It contains real dried bananas
dipped in honey and individually wrapped before being packaged into a

smile banana pack

I bought one of the Banana honey dip for RM 8.50 for a box containing about 20 of the honey dipped dried bananas.

smile banana thai

The opposite side of the box (which is actually the “real side”) has
Thai characters and a perforation that runs along the box, which can be
opened to accommodate the extraction of the individually wrapped dried

smile banana ingredients

The listed ingredients of the Banana Honey Dip is pretty straightforward to the point of being absurd…it says: Banana. Honey.

smile banana open here

The perforation marked “Open Here” can be torn away to reveal…

smile banana take one

…the dried banana slices.

smile banana wrapped

The individually wrapped banana slices has “Smile Banana” written on it…

smile banana naked

The honey dipped dried banana slices is vividly textured…it looks like a real banana. Scrap that, it is
a real banana. It tastes surprisingly good too – best eaten with
watermelons or another juicy fruit to make the dried bananas taste like
a fresh moist banana.

smile banana smile

Smile! It’s banana time!

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