Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Duck

soon fatt beijing duck stall

Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Duck is a popular roadside stall in Jalan
Pasar (Market Road) in Pudu, KL. I went there for a late lunch with a
couple of people. The ad hoc seating arrangements of plastic chairs and
tables were packed full of people, from, dare I say it…all walks of

soon fatt beijing duck close

The stall front has displays of whole duck and other meats and the
front is adorned with a newspaper clipping which shows the stall in a
paper write-up. Adhering to the all-in-one stall design, steamed rice
containers, soup cauldrons, tea kettles are all within easy reach and
the wash basin is in close proximity with the back. Nifty,
self-contained roadside stall design…

soon fatt beijing duck

This is the main platter that we ordered – there’s a thigh of their
renowned Beijing Roasted Duck, as well as a cut of breast meat,
together with sweet meat and deep fried pork under a bed of nice gravy
and sprinkled with stalks of spring onions. It comes with a serving of
rice and soup…and the duck tasted good.

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