Beng My Hair

beng my hair

I usually get a haircut and color my hair every month and I decided to crop it really short this time and also get it done in a lighter shade. This episode of Beng My Hair (not related to Pimp My Ride) brings in a decidedly orange hue to things.


I went for 0-77 Orange and my hairstylist Sue decided that she could improve on the color so I trusted in her judgment. She has been my hairstylist for almost two years now.

color mix

The radioactive looking orange paste was blended and prepared for application.

color hair

Sue started layering on the patented Beng My Hair color paste into my hair and left it there for three hours.

hairstylist food

I haven’t had anything to eat for dinner so I got the café on the floor above to send down some much needed provisions.

hairstylist food macro

I had seafood fried rice with crackers and some iced dessert. It’s a little disconcerting to be eating at the hairstylists with the distinct smell of ammonia wafting down from the bleach. 😉

hair done

This is what it looks like after three (3) hours. Just a spot of drying, and…

hair dry

Wallah! 🙂

me sue

This is me and my hairstylist Sue.

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