Canned oysters

canned smoked oysters

I’ve always wondered about oysters in a tin…are they any good? I
decided to get one to address this pressing question. This is S&W Fancy Whole Smoked Oysters
from Korea. I can understand canned fish…but I’ve always thought
whether canned oysters would taste the same as fresh ones, or at least
bear some resemblance to it.

canned oysters package

It comes in a small flat tin inside a cardboard insert. It costs RM
9.80. The back of the packaging read “S&W Smoked Oysters – Simply
Wonderful. A tasty snack specially selected and smoked over sweet woods
for a delicate flavor”. Hmm…we’ll see.

smoked oysters tin

The actual flat tin is unremarkable – there are no marks on it, just a plain container, with a pull up ring.

here be oysters
Here be oysters…

eat smoked oysters

It didn’t look all that good to me. The oysters are squashed pretty
tightly inside the tin, packed like…er, sardines in a can. I ate a

mmm oysters

The ones in the middle are rather brittle in texture, and I would
not have associated it with oysters if it was a blind taste test. The
ones towards the side of the can, however, maintain the springy and
moist texture I associate with mollusks. I wonder if this anomaly is
due to the canning and preservation process.

oysters good

Nevertheless, I pronounce canned oysters as Good. It may not
look so good, but at least it tasted somewhat like smoked oysters. I’m
not a big fan of canned food, but this one is alright – it adheres to
the smoked oyster taste and texture.

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