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car crash

I was heading down on a site visit with a coworker this afternoon when we were cut off by a Honda City doing at least 90 km/h on a gravel road. I commented off-handedly that the driver is likely to have an accident judging by the way he/she was driving. Well, next thing we knew, we turned a corner and saw the Honda City lose control and crash head on into a utility pole. I am familiar with crashing into utility poles and judging by the speed the car was going, the driver was lucky the car didn’t crash through and drop into the huge drain beside the road.

There were a couple of security guards from a nearby factory running down the road towards the crash to see if they could help out the driver. It turned out to be a middle aged lady fetching her two kids back from school (they were still in primary school uniform). I am not sure if anyone was hurt coz there was a cement truck bearing down on us and I just had time to get a couple of photos off before I had to get off the shoulder of the road.


Anyway, I was out tonight with Katherine and Evelyn. Evelyn (girl in pink) is back for the holidays and she used to be from my high school. Her parents are working in the same field as mine and her brother knows my sister but unfortunately, I can’t seem to remember seeing her in school. My memory is notoriously dismal though, so there you go. She has a degree is psychology (OMG! I can’t believe it! I haven’t had a crush in years! *swoons*) from Otago University in Christchurch, NZ and she’s doing mission work (as in church related) in Singapore.

I still can’t stop kicking myself for not noticing her back in high school and er…perhaps making a move (or two). πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’m going jungle trekking with some people from work tomorrow morning. Early day tomorrow. Pictures and report will be up when I get home. Have an outstanding Labor’s Day break and don’t do anything I won’t do.

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