Malaysian Local Talent

Listening to an Ah Niu album I downloaded from
Boxup []. I’m
still trying to figure out whether the song Abu Ne Ne is racist or he’s
just being satirical about Malaysian culture. Abu Ne Ne is a racial slur
used to refer to people of Indian descent. I used to like Ah Niu when I
was in Form Five but I haven’t heard much of his recent stuff. I did see
him perform in Wisma Sanyan, Sibu during 1998. He did like two songs and
his security staff bustled him away after someone threw a coke can onto
the stage. It’s strange the way that local artists all go to Hong
Kong/Taiwan/wherever after they become successful (and I use this term
liberally). I’ve been told that those markets are more mature and that’s
where the big money is made. Feh…sell outs. Another local band I like is
OAG. Again, I’ve not heard much of their recent stuff but their song
What’s the Name o’ the Game?
is a classic! Kinda melancholy and I’ve
always treated it as a coming of age song rather than a football anthem.
πŸ™‚ Another group which deserves mention is the M-girls. They used to do
Chinese New Year albums only but they have done a studio album this year.
If you’ve ever watched one of those costume CNY videos, you’ll have seen
them. I think they’re called “four girls” in Chinese (direct translation).
I won’t comment on their musical abilities, but that Cassandra Chin sure
is good-looking. Heh. =D

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