Two weddings

four seasons

This 4 seasons dish in a boat is more unwieldy that it appears to be. One of my friends turned the Lazy Susan and the bow of the boat immedietely spilled Coke all over another guest. Haha!

smk methodist

This CNY, I went to two wedding receptions on the 3rd day. The first one is a school mate’s – Ita and Constantine’s wedding.

ita constantine

This is the happy couple!


This is Jesse, Ita’s brother. I drank 3 glasses of Chivas neat in a row with him in commemoration with his sister’s wedding.

doris wong

Oh and strangely enough I met Doris Wong who works in KL. Okay, it is quite difficult to describe our relationship – she knows my ex-girlfriend (the one who’s name is inked on my arm), is related to Ita, and we’ve only chatted on Facebook. She’s in an agency too – similar line of work, and I was quite surprised to see someone smiling at me and dredged my memory to remember who the fuck that is while at the same time not wanting to appear rude. Sorry Doris! It was good finally meeting you! πŸ™‚

4 seasons

I think I was still tipsy when I went to my cousin’s wedding later that night. I only capture the first dish – four seasons, coz that’s the BEST dish, hands down, at every Chinese wedding reception no?


My cousin (from my mother’s side) and her husband.

Yam seng!

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