Just: The new way to enjoy wine

just wine display

The Just label is not well known for wine…at least I haven’t heard
of it, until I saw this display at the Jusco supermarket. The
attractive features of the Just wine display is the unconventional wine
bottle size, the wide range of varieties available and the affordable
price at RM 8.50 per bottle.

just wine display close

Just seems to be a new label and has an interesting tagline which goes Just: The new way to enjoy wine.
The small Just wine bottles are color coded based on the type of wine
it contains – there are various options of red and white wine.

just cinsault merlot

I couldn’t resist the interesting bottles and grabbed two different
ones, a Merlot and a Cinsault. The bottles have easy screw on “metal
corks” (otherwise known as covers) and thus can be appreciated without
having to purchase a corkscrew. Just wine is a produce of France.

just merlot

The Merlot is described as “a round and balanced Merlot with aromas
of ripe fruits” and weighs in at 12.5% alcohol. It tasted alright, but
I’m no wine connoisseur so I can’t be more descriptive than that,
unless I sprout some pretentious bullshit about the wine being “naughty
to the palate at the beginning, with an aftertaste that caresses the
tongue with warm notes of oak” or something to that effect. πŸ˜‰

just cinsault

The Cinsault has a label that describes it as “a consistently fresh
and aromatic Cinsault with delicate aromas of red fruits”. I’ve never
heard of the word Cinsault before, but it tasted like a rose wine. This
one comes in at a slightly more satisfying 13% alcohol. I had it at
room temperature, and it tasted alright nevertheless.

just new wine

Just: The new way to enjoy wine!

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