Copial Tuak rice wine review

copial tuak shelves

Copial Tuak is an attempt at marketing tuak
(traditional Iban rice wine) towards the premium market. It retails at
a staggering RM 11.90 per bottle and is adorned with minimalist but
aesthetically pleasing design placements.

copial tuak rice wine

I saw Copial Tuak for sale in Demak Laut, Kuching (tuak is
a Sarawakian product) in a standard 330 ml long necked beer bottle
(similar to the alcopop bottle sizes) and it comes with the tagline
“The authentic rice wine”.

copial tuak demak laut

Copial Tuak is a sanitized and quality controlled product aimed at
disassociating it from the traditional Iban longhouse homebrew
production methods. Tuak is a rice wine served during the Dayak
festival of Gawai and it can be deceptively potent.

copial tuak rice wine drink

The Copial Tuak I got standardizes the alcohol content at 15% which
makes it higher than most wines and it comes in a 330 ml bottle. I have
no complains about the taste – it’s slightly sweet and it tastes like
genuine Iban tuak.

P/S – My apologies in advance pertaining to bouts of disturbing phallic imagery that any of the photos induce. πŸ˜‰

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