I was planning to go and see Mamma Mia (the musical) today but the tickets
were sold out. Oh well. I’ll just catch it after the exams. I picked up a
4 pack of Cranberry Flavored Bacardi Breezer while on the way back.
Hmm…I can’t even taste the rum in these drinks. Naughty stuff. Most of
the drinks coming out nowadays mask the taste of alcohol very well. Weird
and disturbing trend. Anyway, I played several games of old skool
Starcraft and Unreal Tournament with Jimmy tonight. My skillz have pretty
much atrophied and I’m wondering it its the new mouse (which I’m been
blaming all this while) or I just suck now. I used to wreck the horizontal
and the vertikal but apparently not nowadays. Oh well. Anyway, we did a
late night run for food at the nearest gas station. I had an Aussie Hero
(Supreme) Pizza Roll. The attendant was from Roberts Hall too last
semester, what a coincidence. Pretty nice guy. What’s that Mr. Sandman?
Say what? Be right back, someone wants to speak to me…

Never have urinary tract infections again.

Taken on the dirty table beside the microwave in the gas station store.

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