Cafe Majestic @ Crowne Plaza

cafe majestic

Cafe Majestic is the Crowne Plaza attached dining establishment. We
had two RM 40 complimentary dinner vouchers so that makes RM 80 for
three people. Thus, the dinner bill would have RM 80 deducted from it –
not bad at all. I’ve eaten here before though and I must say that my
previous experience was nothing to write home about. This time, the
gastronomical offerings fared much better.

warm buns blanket

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with warm, fluffy buns – fresh
from the oven and wrapped in a blanket to preserve the heat. It went
down well with the butter served on the side.

pineapple juice

I had pineapple juice. Juice is complimentary with a meal. The
pineapple wedge lacerated my tongue when I tried to eat it though…

chefs salad

This is the Chef’s Salad (RM 16.00++). It had
slices of ham, chicken, cheese, eggs and other things served with a
bowl of Thousand Island sauce. I didn’t order this, but I helped myself
to some and it was alright, for a salad.

crown plaza club sandwich

The Crowne Plaza Club Sandwich (RM 15.75++) tasted
REALLY good. It came with potato wedges, but the sandwich is the main
feature and it really pulled it off well. The bread was warm and
toasted, yet it retains a fluffy texture. The layers of egg, beef
slices, lettuce, chicken slices and cucumbers were absolutely
delicious. Definitely worthy of its “club sandwich” status.

grilled sirloin steak

I ordered Grilled Sirloin Steak (RM 30.00++) and I
was pleased with the choice. It came with fresh garden vegetables and
french fries and the steak was served with bearnaise sauce. I liked the
grill marks on the steak.

sirloin medium rare

I wanted it done medium rare and for once, the chef did not ignore such requests. I loved it.

ais kachang

To finish off the meal, we had Ais Kacang (RM
7.00++). It came in a large bowl topped with a scoop of yam ice cream.
The bottom of the bowl conceals a plethora of goodies – sweet corn, sea
coconut, grass jelly, the works! It was a great dessert to finish off a
great dinner!

This post was sponsored by Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching. πŸ˜‰

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