Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 Finale

finale start

I went to the Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 finale @ The Curve last night. The Drawing of the Three has pared the original lineup to just Dawn, Pinky and Juanita. There will only be one left standing (figuratively speaking la).

finale dawn

I have made it no secret that I am rooting for Dawn. She’s friendly and down to earth, attributes that I value highly in a person.

finale lineup

I’m supposed to be an MDG 2 official blogger but I couldn’t make it to most of their events due to work commitment. I’ve always felt guilty about that. Sorry Jerad!

finale mdg2 bloggers

I met a lot of fellow MDG 2 bloggers there…


…and LiLian of ruumz. πŸ™‚


I managed to bump into Reta as well.

finale catwalk

The MDG 2 Season Finale was filled with catwalks, finger food and lots of beer (my brain is not functioning well right now so I’ll let the photos do the talking :p)


These are the three finalists: Pinky, Dawn, Juanita (L-R).

finale annoucement

The announcement of the winner was made that night. Juanita emerged as the winner, Pinky bagged the second place, and Dawn took the third place.

finalists congrats

I love scenes like this.

finale juanita

The Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 winnerJuanita!

finale dawn juanita

I managed to take photos with the three finalists after the event. This is Dawn and Juanita…

finale pinky dawn

…and here’s one with Pinky and Dawn.

mdg 2 finalists

…and just for nostalgia’s sake, here are the three finalists once again!

It’s been a great run for Malaysian Dream Girl. πŸ™‚

MDG 2 Winners

mdg 2 winners

I just came back from the MDG 2 season finale. The winners are:

1. Juanita
2. Pinky
3. Dawn

Just for the record, I was rooting for Dawn but apparently my SMS votes are not enough to overcome the 20k (!) lead by Juanita. πŸ˜‰

Full post of the Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 finale up tomorrow morning!

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