Black Pepper Burger and Chicken Gravy Hotdog

black pepper chicken gravy

I was brought to this strange place, which I was told had very unique tasting, but small burgers.

black pepper stall cook

It’s located right in front of a bookshop, and the blinds has their
Black Pepper Burger and Chicken Gravy Hotdog ads printed on it, so I
imagine they have some sort of agreement with the bookshop.

black pepper stall bookshop

There are no seating arrangements per se, due to the unusual
location of their stall, but there’s a coffee shop a little down from
here where you can have a drink while eating the burgers (or hot dogs).

black pepper stall rack

I ordered one chicken gravy hotdog, one black pepper beef and one
black pepper chicken, to sample all their offerings. They do a brisk
business from what I can see – customers keep on turning up and the
burger turnover is pretty fast.

black pepper chicken burger
Black Pepper Chicken Burger @ RM 1.40

black pepper chicken

It’s very cheap burgers, but rather small in size. The chicken patty
has a respectable smattering of visible black pepper on it, and that
gives this burger a surprisingly unique tang, unlike any other I’ve had

chicken gravy hotdog wrapper
Chicken Gravy Hotdog @ RM 1.50

chicken gravy hotdog

“Jesus Fucking Christ,” was my initial reaction, excuse the
blasphemy (and profanity). The gravy was plentiful in this open top
style hotdog and the gravy was RIGHTEOUS. I don’t know what they put in
the gravy, but it had a very agreeable flavor that imparted itself onto
the palette. It was sweet and sticky and mushy. It was divine.

black pepper beef burger
Black Pepper Beef Burger @ RM 1.40

black pepper beef

This is the famed black pepper beef burger in Kuching. Now, this one
really had a lot of black pepper pieces infused into the patty as
opposed to the chicken variety. It tasted completely different – there
was a pleasant fusion of flavors and textures in my mouth when I ate
this one. Highly recommended!

I don’t know where exactly this place is as my coworker brought me
there, but the address is on the wrapper. It’s definately something
different. The black pepper beef burger and the chicken gravy hotdog
is, to use a cliche, to die for. Avoid the chicken though, pales in
comparison with the beef one. The hotdog is also not to be missed –
it’s sloppy food for sloppy people. πŸ˜‰

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