Golden Arch Garden Laksa review

golden arch shopping mall

Golden Arch Garden Laksa (not to be confused with
the Golden Arches, which sells a totally different food product) is
located at Golden Arch Shopping Mall and I heard its laksa is serious
fucking business.

golden arch garden laksa

Golden Arch Garden Laksa has RM 3/4/5 bowls of laksa and the RM 5
bowl, which is their flagship, has two large tiger prawns in it. The
laksa booth is also the flagship of the eating establishment – it
belongs to the owner.

golden arch prawns

There is a huge tray of differing sizes of prawns, which is selected
depending on your order e.g. an RM 3 bowl of laksa would have small
prawns while the RM 5 bowl of laksa would have two huge tiger prawns.

golden arch laksa

Behold! The legendary Golden Arch Garden Laksa. This is the large (RM 5) bowl and contains 2 huge tiger prawns in it.

golden arch laksa tiger prawn

I’m told that the proper method to partake in tiger prawn infused
laksa is to pour the laksa soup down the head of the tiger prawn to
allow the flavors to really shine.

Laksa – Serious Fucking Business.

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