First bitch!

I’ve finally installed and configured Movable Type
[]. It took a while because I had to manually mput,mkdir
and lcd to create all the directories. I use a command line FTP client,
you see. After all that, I had an error while building MT and had to
search around to find it. It turns out that I had placed one of the
language Perl files in a wrong directory. That happens when you do
things manually. I would use a GUI FTP client, but my Uni’s proxy is
set in such a way that I need to tunnel through one of their Unix boxes
to get to an off campus FTP address.
Anyway, everything loaded properly after that and I was in with the
default Melody/Nelson password. Due to a temporary lapse in good sense,
I deleted the Melody login before creating a new one. It should be
okay, I figured, coz I can create a new one before I log out. Well,
apparently not. MT logged me out straight after I deleted the default
login and there I was, locked out of my own blog.
I tried using one of ther resetauth.cgi scripts, but those don’t work
coz the database didn’t even have any authors in it. Thus, I had to use
phpMyAdmin to drop all the MT tables and start again. phpMyAdmin is
under https (secure http) in my host, and my Uni’s proxy does not
access off campus https servers without tunneling.
I couldn’t do it thru the Unix box, so I’m stuck with…HTTPort. Yes,
the public server proxy tunneling program. God…using a public proxy
on a Saturday night is an exercise in patience indeed. Just the login
page took 30 minutes to load.

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