The Second Coming of Hypp.TV


Hear ye, hear ye! I stand witness to the latest revolution in broadband TV. It happened not in a manger in Bethlehem but at Laundry Bar, the Curve and instead of three wise kings, we had a motley crew of characters including Captain Jack Sparrow, Elvis Presley, and Princess Leia.


I registered at the Media/Bloggers booth and checked out what they have to offer. Hypp.TV is the first online broadband TV service in Malaysia – exclusively for Streamyx users. There were demo computers showing the service pre-launch but before I checked them out, I indulged in the customary ritual whenever a significant amount of bloggers congregate…




You gotta admit, I look the part. I substituted gin for whiskey. Sign of the times, my friends. πŸ˜‰


ABBA – Mamma Mia!


Elvis has left the Curve.


Princess Diana survived the crash.


There was a highly energetic dance performance to hype, er…Hypp.TV up the crowd…


…before the official unveiling ceremony was done.


I quite liked the short and concise introduction to Hypp.TV – it flits through the channels they have, touches on the new features of the Hypp.TV media player before flicking through the sheer amount of content genres in the system.


The best thing about the Hypp.TV media player is the ability for you to click on a link you’re interested in, which opens up a browser window while minimizing the broadband TV screen (much like the Picture in Picture function on TVs) so you can read the news while watching the latest soccer match. Of all the features, this is the one that impressed me the most. Another click takes you back to the full screen broadband TV screen. Nifty, eh?

Interested? Getting started is just 3 easy steps away!

1. Sign Up for a Hypp.TV account

Register a user account for free under the Free SIGN UP tab.

2. Launch Hypp.TV Media Player

Launch Hypp.TV Media Player under the Watch NOW! tab.

3. Sign In on Hypp.TV Media Player
Once Hypp.TV Media Player is launched, just sign in to watch!


There is another press conference after the public unveiling, but before I could digest all that information (no pun intended) I needed some food first.


The Hypp.TV relaunch is explained in further detail in the press conference, which we were privy to. It costs RM 9.90 per month for a full subscription to the service, which allows you to watch more than 30 channels. You’ll be spoilt for choice with channels like Al-Jazeera English (great for the occasional Osama videotaped broadcast), Channel NewsAsia, CCTV 4, WOW TV, Fashion TV, Wedding TV, Yoonic Fight Club, X-treme Video and even the 2010 FIFA World Cup broadcast for the Europe playoffs.
There are just too many channels to type – that’s just a small part of the 30+ channels Hypp.TV has to offer. There’s something for everyone! It’s perfect for the “I want it now” generation with its freedom of choice of what to watch and when to watch it.


Gone are the nostalgic days of eagerly waiting by the TV at 9:45 pm armed with a mug of Milo to catch the 10 pm action movie every Thursday. It’s a whole new generation now, thanks for the extensive penetration of broadband, and the choices and options that comes with it. I digress.


The best thing about Hypp.TV is the rich media integration – web, broadband TV, everything but the kitchen sink in one media player that’s so easy to use my grandma can probably navigate it with her eyes closed. Well, probably not with her eyes closed, but you get the point.


Hypp.TV has a very user-friendly interface without any stop and start buffering in the video. That’s either great compression or just the nature of the system – I’m on Streamyx and Hypp.TV is hosted on their servers.

group end.

Hypp.TV – Freedom & Choice. Just a click away!

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