Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream or Ais Krim Goreng is a
popular “mall food” that’s been around in one iteration or another for
the best part of the past decade. It’s basically ice cream that’s been
dipped in batter, which is then freezed until the customer orders one.

fried ice cream

The fried ice cream is then taken out from the freezer and then quickly dipped into a very
high temperature oil mixture for a short amount of time. This produces
a delicious snack that’s hot and crispy on the outside with wonderfully
cold ice cream on the inside.

Madoma Turkish Herbal Ice Cream

madoma herbal ice cream

I noticed Madoma’s Turkish Herbal Ice Cream at the
LG Floor of Mid Valley Megamall. There was a woman holding a steel rod
vigorously stirring the long, deep ice cream containers. Intrigued by
the unique home made ice cream presentation, I decided to sample this
Turkish herbal ice cream.

madoma turkish herbal ice cream

The proprietor told me about how they made the ice cream (she called
it something else, but I promptly forgot what she said, except
something about orchids). She’s of Turkish descent and this is…well,
Turkish ice cream. The texture looks more like gelato than ice cream
though the difference is subtle…like, er…sorbet and ice
confectionary. :p

madoma turkish herbal ice cream cone

I got a cone for RM 3. There’s two flavors on the cone and the
customer has an option to choose two flavors out of…well, three, ice
cream steel pits. It tastes good…it’s like gelato, and I was told
it’s sorta like the Turkish version of gelato….but for the life of
me, I can’t taste the “herbal” bit in the Turkish Herbal Ice Cream.
It’s good though…

Wall’s Paddle Pop Hip Hop Jelly

walls paddle pop hip hop jelly

Hip Hop Jelly is the latest variant of the Wall’s Paddle Pop series
of iced confectionary and it offers something unique – it’s not ice

paddlepop hip hop jelly

It goes for RM 1 each, in line with the Paddle Pop pricing structure, which has always targeted children as it’s primary market.

hip hop jelly wobble

The Paddle Pop Hip Hop Jelly is described as an apple and peach
flavored ice confection, but the thing that makes it stand out is
it’s…well, malleable nature.

hip hop jelly

Download: Hip Hop Jelly []

Look at Mr. Happy. πŸ˜‰ In short, it’s very flexible. I imagine a lot
of fun can be derived from shaking said ice confectionary by its
primary target market. It doesn’t lose its structural integrity by
being shaken. That’s probably where the “hip hop” name comes from – it
wobbles instead…

hip hop jelly china

Hip Hop Jelly is made in China and seems to be made primarily from
jelly and a lot of air bubbles. The inside is made up of an unknown
substance which seems to be a cross between jello and ice.

hip hop jelly inside

The jelly tastes surprisingly good too…the apple and peach flavors
is very thirst quenching and I had five of the Paddle Pop Hip Hop
Jellies in a row. It’s a hot day, and these things are fun to eat.

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