Pimping myself @ Live Mannequin blogathon


Okay, I arrived bright and early to TANGS and got changed into my outfit. This is my wardrobe – it goes “Reserved for blogathon bloggers”.


I’m now officially wearing clothes that cost more than I earn in a month. Heh!


The people from Intel, Lenovo and TANGS are here for a group shot. This event was the result of a sponsorship campaign between Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion.

glass display

We’re now inside the glass window display wearing our outfits. I’m donning the 4k jacket you can see in this post.


Food has been served – a decidedly weird but tasty sandwich made with blueberry jam AND chicken. It’s surprisingly good, especially when you put chips in the sandwich.

eating sandwich

I have to eat real carefully coz of the 4k jacket though. T_T


Okay, I need your help, come to TANGS, Pavilion KL and vote for me. Show me some love, I need it. >.<

Live Mannequin blogathon 2009

4 bloggers stuck in a window display for 24 hours over two days…all in the name of fun!

tangs blogathon booth

Melody here points to where we will be doing our blogathon. It’s exactly where the mannequins will be, except the inanimate ones will be replaced by decidedly more vivacious mannequins (us) for the duration of the Live Mannequin blogathon 2009 at TANGS.


I want to apologize in advance for my noxious farts, which I’m sure you’ll all get to experience firsthand when we’re in that small enclosed space. Oh yes, that is my Sekret Weapon (TM) to winning this contest. Flatulence. Plenty of it.

Who? What? Why? When? Where?
Alright, the Live Mannequin blogathon is happening on the 13-14th of November. We’ll be at TANGS, Pavilion KL from 10 am – 10 pm on Friday and Saturday for 12 hours straight each day.

tangs bloggers

Huai Bin (me), KY, Cheesie, Wern Shen

Don’t worry about spotting us, you’ll see us alright. We’ll be at the place where the window display is. Right in front of the entrance. There’s a reason it’s called “Live Mannequin blogathon”. We’ll literally be sitting there, decked out in TANGS attire, blogging, tweeting and Facebooking.

tangs 5k coat

Talking about TANGS attire, we tried on the outfits earlier this week and let me tell you the one I’m wearing in the photo below costs way more than my one month salary. Heck, the jacket alone is RM 3,899. Must. Be. Careful. With. 4k. Jacket.

tangs clothes

Hot or not? πŸ˜‰

tangs video crew

I’m sitting here, wondering how I’m going to deal with one toilet break every 3 hours. What if I get diarrhea? What if I’m secretly bulimic and need 15 minutes to throw up after every meal? What if I’m a raging heroin addict who needs to get his fix every hour?

Kidding on two counts. No prizes for guessing which.

tangs blogathon filming video

It’ll be a lot of fun though! Food will be delivered into the window display so I can demonstrate my famous speed eating repertoire for all and sunder to see!

There’s also going to be a lot of events for us to participate in so there won’t be a dull moment. I’m actually getting more and more excited as I type.

tangs blogathon girl

Hear ye, hear ye! I’ll be at TANGS this weekend so please come and show your support by voting for me. I really need to win that Intel powered Lenovo notebook coz my primary notebook died. T_T

Oh, and you can also win yourself a Lenovo notebook just by dropping by. Check out the Facebook page for details!

This event was the result of a sponsorship campaign between Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion.

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